I dont know if this is possible on facebook

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I saw a sponsored post on fb with 12k comments in. Its to sell a monthly recurring service.
Now i have that same product for a one time fee and lifetime access.
So i want to contact all people who commented to that post but dont want to be spammy.
Is there any way to target the comments from a certain post id or anything at all to let them see my product with lifetime access?

I'm sure thos 12k people who commented are golden traffic for me. But its not my post. How c1n i target them or let them know about my service?
Thanks alot
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    You dont want to be spammy but have 12,000 comments and potential customer? Firstly, your content must be good, image,... and your product must be so. You should try to run gg ads or bingads then use the pixel to hire FB run for you. Its better
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      I dont think you understand why i mean. I want to start an ad on facebook to promote my offer to those people who commented on that post. The post is not mine but from my competitor. I know there was a fb scraper that get the user id's out of the people who commented so i could target that audience. But that doesnt work anymore.
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        I understood. If it doesnt work for u, u can try my idea as i told. I earned lots of money from this strategy
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    Also in my opinion its that if you want to reach this level you must use ads ,with free its very hard
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    Have you tried targeting your niche on FB ads? if so, what is the result?

    Here is a tip, if you can find the page that sell this recurring service on FB Ads interests, then try to target it.

    Also, look for other FB pages that provide the same service as yours and target them if you can find them in FB ads interests.

    There is another BH technique to target (or to be more precise STEAL) these customers using FB ads, but can't talk about it here on WF
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    I think Facebook have an option to promote page or product for a public targeted according to its likes, locations, groups... I know this is not what you exactly want, but I don't think you can do what you want.
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      Good advice. Im also interested in getting this answered and perhaps you might have one for this,

      so I agree that there is a way to filter out all the ones who liked the post but not all those who commented have surely liked the post. Do you know of a way, automated or not to target the commenters?
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    You can use the competitor name as the targetted link. This way you will target your competitor's followers. If you can't find your competitor name suggestion in the target box then you can use their product name.
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  • I have been experimenting with Facebook Ads, the thing you want to happen can be done (sort). You can target the same market from a certain and similar page on Facebook. You may want to refer to this tutorial here for a clear reference: https://goo.gl/cQ7fvm
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