Will Instagram change it's algorithm like Facebook did and show virtually nothing to our followers?

by bleu
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Like a lot of people I spent a lot of time building a Facebook following only to have my posts later shown to practically no one when Facebook changed their algorithm a few years back.

So now I'm wondering what do you think Instagram will do?

It's amazing right now, lots of engagement but how much money and time should I spend building that up? Will it just be shut down in the future like Facebook is now?
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    Given that it worked so well when they did it on Facebook, I think it's highly likely that they'll do it again with Instagram. If I had to take a bet I'd say they'd do it early next year, as they've flagged to the market that their growth in ad revenue will slow this year, while they build up capability.

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      What do you think they'll do with advertising then?

      I can still reach my Facebook audience with ads and I can with Instagram but I can't link to anything in my Instagram ads, or is there a way to do it?
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    Both belong to the same company so yeah
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    Chances are quite high tht they will do the same in case of Instagram too.
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    there is chance to change the instagram algorithm also ...
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    no i think instagram will not change its algorithm like facebook..that both is different ..so it will not affect that also.
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