Promote website on facebook?

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Can anyone tell me creating ads on facebook is effective or not?
Thank you for your sharing.
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    It works very well with a high-quality landing page and quality headline and ad graphic.
    The Best thing is it is very cheap to advertise on FB in comparison to other platforms. You can start as low as 10 bucks.
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    It can be effective. It depends on your ad design and pricing. The more you spend the more your ads will reach.

    Don't buy into the penny bids, they never work. Your ads will never ever be seen. I have tried and tested this over and over.

    My advice would be to hit up YouTube and watch some guys on there before you design your own.

    Good Luck.
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    how do you advertise on facebook
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    It is effective if you utilize facebook fan page. Create a fan page around your business or product first, then promote the fan page on facebook, then you can easily retain clicks you get.

    Get Your Facebook ad, Google ad, Solo ad, Landing page copy and Sales copy written for you by Fiverr Ad Writing Specialist
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    It's effective if done correctly. it's still up to the design of your ad and page and how much you're willing to spend. Watch some tutorials on youtube, I learned that way.
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    For reaching your target audience, they are extremely effective. Facebook ads are quite effective and have a very low conversion cost compared to other channels.
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    If your site is complete, I mean your content is high quality, you're posting regularly and everything goes good but your traffic is still low, maybe you should try with pay adds. It gives you almost immediate move on your site.
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      you are right, actually i often get 1 click per day, . I don't know how to improve traffic for my site, i watched many video on you tube but i think it's not effective. Could you please suggest for me?
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    promoting websites on Facebook is really a great idea..and creating ads in Facebook is also a effective idea.

    We launch your ideas to the world.

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    Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to differentiate your business and warm up cold audiences. Provide free valuable content that entertains, educates, or inspires your ideal customer.
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    Yes, Facebook ads is effective for promoting website, but it's depends how effectively you can use.I mean quality of your audience targeting, landing page and content.
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  • Step 1: Create ad
    Step 2: Choose audience
    Step 3: Add conversion pixel (optional)
    Step 4: Select budget
    This is the 4 main steps in promoting your website on Facebook..
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