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Hi everyone...

I am wondering if some of you could offer me some suggestions for other YouTube niche and keyword software that would be as good as VideoCents or YouTube Extractor.

Main focus should be on finding low competition, high search volume keywords.

This should be an "all in one" software. Not one that does a couple of things and then you have to plug in that data into another software.

Thank you for your time and expertise,
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  • I am also looking for the some answer related to this, I created few you tube videos but I received less than 50 views per month. can anyone suggest how to get thousands of views per month

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    Hi Guys, nothing beats creating entertaining, energetic videos on a topic you feel passionate about. I give little attention to YT but gain more traction on Facebook daily, with live videos. Peep my Facebook Profile pages for examples on how to electrify your audience and get more views Software ain't doing that for ya's
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      Hi Ryan... I agree, but that is in the making of the video. That's not my concern. I can do that just fine. Thank you, J
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        Yes exactly you are not wrong there. Software just cannot offer them personnel touches.
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  • Try adding the "Keywords Everywhere" extension to chrome.


    Tubebuddy is a great tool for seeing where your video ranks for each of your tags.
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      Well... Nothing is perfect but have a look see at Videocents. I'd settle for that any day but a bit pricey for me as I am now on SSI. Thanks for the reply.
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    Does YouTube/Google actually provide search volume for YouTube in anyway? Eg API
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      Originally Posted by jamie3000 View Post

      Does YouTube/Google actually provide search volume for YouTube in anyway? Eg API
      Not directly.

      A big problem with most Youtube keyword software is they use Google data, not YT data, and the two can be very different.

      The only way to make a guess is to use the keywords Youtube suggests as you type in searches. YT lists the keyword suggestions in order of search popularity.

      I can't promote my own YT keyword software, but will mention how it differs from the uses YT keyword suggestions as well as the YT search "intitle" to determine the actual video SEO competition.

      The "intitle" search attribute isn't perfect, as there's other ranking factors. However, having the keywords in the title is an important ranking/relevancy factor and gives a good indication of the strength of competition for various keywords.

      To see it in action, go to YT and do a search and look at the results. Then using the same keyword phrase use the intitle attribute with and without quote marks and see the results.

      For example, do these 3 searches:
      puppy training basic
      intitle:puppy training basic
      intitle:"puppy training basic"

      The last one will show the videos that have been optimized specifically for that keyword phrase.

      Keywords determine relevancy more than ranking in today's Youtube environment. Basically the keywords tell Youtube what videos you are competing against. Then things like watch time and viewer retention will determine your ranking.

      For many keywords YT will rank new videos based on relevancy only in order to gather data about watch time and retention, then use those to determine the rank.

      My best advice is to do Youtube keyword research and keep a list of your findings. If your video doesn't rank after about a week, change the keywords and try again. If and when it ranks, the video will have to perform well, as compared to other relevant videos, in order to move up or down in the rankings.
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    IMO Tube Buddy is great for established channels but when it comes to videos I've started using VidIQ in boost mode to get a look at my competitors keywords and then tweaked them. In the interest of transparency I didn't renew a second month as I don't feel it justifies the price. If you ask them for a trial period they normally grant you one.

    I'd also be interested to learn if there are any others?
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    bro you can use IMO Tube buddy for is working should give a try because am currently using this tool only..

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