BUFFER -- Caused Facebook To Disable My Account?

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I have been using Buffer to autopost on my Facebook Personal Profile just once in the a.m. (because I sleep in)... and then I go back and reply/engage with the comments, etc...

But yesterday, I linked my Fan Page AND a Private group (that I created and am an Admin) and scheduled 3 posts a day in those for the next few days...

I was able to use it today, but about an hour later my team started texting me telling me i was gone... completely.

So i went to login and was notified that i needed to send a photo to verify that it was me... in the meantime, they had disabled my account.

i FREAKED! I have over 3,000 followers on my profile, almost 5,000 fans and over 1,200 private group members... It took me a LONG time to build that up.

I did a google search and found an email that someone provided where I sent in a copy of my drivers license, birthdate, phone number and email.

Is it just a coincidence that this happened when I started scheduling all those posts from Buffer?

The main reason why I wonder if because i did have another group (you know those spammy "work from home" groups?) where i had almost 50,000 members.... and i started using buffer to post into that maybe a couple times a day and within a couple days, the group was shut down.


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