How do I increase Youtube video views via free methods?

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Hello Experts!

I want to learn that how I can increase the Youtube video views by free methods. Please help me!!
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  • Few tips to increase the YouTube video views for free
    Share videos on social media
    Embed you video on your blog, LinkedIn, etc
    Focus on getting more subscribers
    Optimize your keywords
    Publish videos at least every other day

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      That is pretty much it.
      Also you can share it on some forums that have related topic to your video.
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    • Here is how I do it for Free.....

      * Offer recordings via web-based networking media

      * Install your video on your blog, LinkedIn, and so on

      * The main spotlight is getting more followers

      * Upgrade your keywords regularly with proper research.

      * Distribute your Videos daily to different Social Networks
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    If you have other SNS such as facebook or instagram or twitter, you should post your url address.
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    Conversations in Facebook groups or on forums or twitter. As long as you can work a link to your video into the conversation without sounding spammy.
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    In a simple word make videos which will be worthy or have some value to the seo and build some quality backlinks,post in differenct forum related to your niche ,post on some good and find a good subbreddit related to your niche ad post there ,but keep in mind that dont spam
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      Social media face book is one of the greatest used media in the World. private tutoring center Jonesboro like this article so much.
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      Originally Posted by seomental View Post

      In a simple word make videos which will be worthy or have some value to the seo and build some quality backlinks,post in differenct forum related to your niche ,post on some good and find a good subbreddit related to your niche ad post there ,but keep in mind that dont spam
      Could you please tell me the backlinks source for youtube video ?
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    Do your SEO for your video, give eye catching thumbnail to your video and share your video top social site like FB, G+, Instagram, pinterest, Twitter etc.
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    I would also suggest asking group owners and page owners to share your content.
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    This only works by doing advanced youtube SEO!

    1. Find keywords people are searching for.

    2. Optimize Title, Description And Tags (you need the perfect ones thought by reverse engineering the youtube algorithm and analyzing your competition.

    3. Boost your video (youtube needs signals to know that your videos is actually popular like high retention views)

    After that add it to a rank tracker and check your rankings!
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    Share your video to your friends or other social media sites that is relevant to the video. Optimize you video, the description and the tags.
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  • Share your videos on facebook, google + etc
    Add videos to your blogs... Be regular in publishing your videos.
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    Make your life a lot simpler. Slow things down and focus on creating amazing content. Tips and "cheap tricks" will only get you so far. You can have ONE video deliver you a mountain of customers for a great while. Also, post NO LESS than 3x per week.
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    share your link with many social medias and try to ask other page owner to share your link also..
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    Be involved in the YouTube community if you get on YouTube and think that you can be an island of awesome content that people sail to from far shores, think again. All of the most successful YouTube users make mentions of other YouTubers in their videos, video responses use to be popular because their built connections. I hope it helps.
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    The most important thing you could raise YouTube video views is to give viewers great quality content! I can't exclaim this much more. This is very important ... And for yourself to increase views is for you to have fun and not feel content creation on YouTube is just a chore. Anyways, if you have those already then it is time to make your content an eye candy for viewers, this include annotations, thumbnails, YouTube links, banners, tags, YouTube Optimization in general, SEO, social media connections, fan bases, word of mouth, and advertising your content by spreading links to your YouTube channel to other platforms! These are techniques to increase views by making you more own in the YouTube industry. You could also buy YouTube views like buyrealmarketing[dot]com and also try to collaborate with other YouTubers! Also try other content creation ways to be more known like blogging, vlogging, and guest posting.
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    1. Share your videos on social media
    2. Add Related keywords
    3. Video should be very useful and clear
    4. Day by day update or add videos
    5. Optimize title,description
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    You have to follow some rules for ranking your youtube channel.\
    1. Title should be attractive so that people forcibly attract to click on your video.
    2. Thumbnail should be clear and properly design so that people easily understand what is inside the video.
    3. Content Description should be good, it should define things accurately.
    4. Also video must be good, don't make fake thumbnail for more views, Because may people come to your video 2 or 3 times wrongly by seeing thumbnail but it give very wrong effect,people are never like to come your channel again and again because by these type of things you lost the trust of viewers.
    5. Tags should be good and effective. Also think about the keywords which people search more and more. so that they can easily find video and you may get good traffic on your channel.
    6. Your channel must have URL or short name so that people can easily find your channel.
    7. Your video content should not be copyright . Otherwise, you got copyright strike and banned by youtube partnership.
    8. You must follow all the condition related to youtube partner program.
    9. Share your video on social media as much as you can. Because its give good traffic to your youtube channel.
    10. Link all your social account with youtube it helps a lot to get good traffic.
    Thank you.
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    There's 7 top tactics to employ, as follows:
    1. Upload videos at least once a week - the more often, the better.
    2. Optimise your videos so they rank on page 1 of YouTube for your main keywords. Most people don't look beyond page 1.
    3. Make sure your channel art/banner tells the viewer what your channel is all about; the days when you upload your videos; and that your videos are neatly arranged in relevant playlists.
    4. Take note of your channel analytics and determine what's working and what's not in terms of attracting views.
    5. Share your videos on relevant social media platforms.
    6. Embed your videos in blog posts.
    7. Guest blog/vlog.

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    • Quality content
    • Name Your Videos Strategically
    • Create attractive custom video thumbnails.
    • Use proper video tags
    • Always reply the viewers comments with regards.
    • Use social sites for getting more viewers.
    • Upload video in a particular time period.
    • Share your video
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    Only one way is to share your video on social networks. Our publishing your video link on the Internet.
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    if you want to increase your YouTube video views then you can follow many methods. But, if you want to increase naturally then you should make a good video content. And you can give some interesting title and description for your video so, that many people will view your videos. This is a simple step by which you can get more views for you videos.
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    Best Ways to Gain YouTube Views For Free-

    • Ask For Subscribers
    • Name Your Videos Strategically
    • Post Useful Content Consistently
    • Create A Custom Thumbnail
    • Use Annotations
    • Engage Yourself & Your Content in Other Social Media Sites.
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    There are so many methods available for getting views for your YouTube videos. Here i have given some of the few methods by which you can increase your YouTube video views.
    Feature it on your YouTube page, Choose a good thumbnail., Make your title short and interesting, Pick tags that will be good for SEO, Write a good video description, Take advantage of the nonprofit annotations on YouTube, Upload a transcript of your video in English and Spanish, Post early and often., Add a lightbox or pop-up on your website.
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    Youtube is a big platform for watching video, and here people can earn money to share their interesting videos. So there are some ways to increase views on YouTube videos in organic way:

    -Use keywords in the title.
    -Make nice description and here also need to use keywords so that your video can come front when audience will search video that specific topic.
    -Use attractive thumbnails.

    -Content need to be like where included entertainment and learning material.
    -Trendy things are getting viral in a very fast way need to keep up to date with times.
    -Another tricky part is you can bring famous guest youtuber which can able to bring more visitor.
    -End screen video is really helpful here, end of the video suggest another video which is very effective to be professional.
    -Marquee video is very much helpful here.
    -Auto-play to another of your video can be helpful here.
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    Here are Some Step You Can Use and You Will Definitely Get Lot Of Views on Your Instagram Videos.

    1. Pre-edit videos on a computer.
    2. Choose Relevant Hashtags.
    3. Creative Always Wins.
    4. Post Content Consistently.
    5. Take Good Pictures.

    Thank You
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    Use better keywords Do not try to go after the top keywords then use live events Push your videos to the top of google Put your videos on your blog and from youtube put the link to your blog on youtube. Make your videos different to others If you get a video from a vendor put that video on top of another picture so it stands out
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    the best easy and free way to get more views on your youtube videos is very simple when you follow these tips.
    First you should make a catchy title and video icon.
    Second you can share your video on social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.,
    Share your video link as much as possible.
    By doing these tips surely you can get more views for your youtube video.
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    You can get more views for you youtube video is just easy as you thing. I can tell you some tips to reach that.
    The main thing is you should create your video with a high quality content. The content should be original, you should not copy from anywhere.And share the video link to all your friends and facebook groups.
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    this post contains so many great and useful information about increasing the youtube video views with a simple steps.
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    Increase Viewers from Suggested Videos

    This step is deliberately placed at the very end, because this is the easiest step to do. Even so, the implementation must still be maximized.

    If you have a social media account, then you need to link the account with Youtube. So that when uploading photos, it will immediately appear on your social media. The easiest are Google + and Twitter accounts.

    After uploading a video, it's time to promote the video to people. Share on social media with fishing words. Don't give something clear in front of your eyes. Because it reduces people's curiosity.

    Share your video with mentag friends. But don't carelessly also tag someone if your video isn't useful. Try uploading videos that give new knowledge or new information to others.

    Remember, innovation in this case is needed. Hopefully useful and Don't Forget Happy!
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    In order to increase Youtube video views, I do the following things.

    1. I name the video title according to keyword
    2. I create attractive thumbnails for the video
    3. I create insightful videos so that I can get more subscribers
    4. I upload the video when lots of viewers are online
    5. I share the video on all leading social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google viewers, Blogger, Tumblr, medium, etc.
    6. I embed video links with emails and send those who are interested in my videos.
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    Here are some tips that you can follow and i am 100% sure it will help you.

    1. Post Useful Content Consistently
    2. Name Your Videos Strategically
    3. Spruce Up Your Channel Design
    4. Show Your Lighter Side
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    Use related keywords,
    Use social media to share videos,
    Add Related keywords,
    Videos should be useful.
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    This was really very great post with lots of useful information in it.
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    Easy. open a facebook page and put the video to your page. Go to twitter and tweet now do this 40 times a day on facebook and 20 times on twitter. you have all the traffic you need for. free.
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    The best way is to market your videos onto relevant channels. Search for them and then comment in the comment section with your channel URL.
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    Since all the most important methods were listed here, I can only add about advertising in my other social networks.
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    A lot of great ways are already mentioned.

    But I do want to point out that being consistent is key. Youtube will notice it and give you a boost, but it will take some time!
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    Share Videos Frequently
    Optimize your keywords
    Share in social channels
    make sure your videos have quality and unique content
    Do not try click baiting your audience cause that type of viewership doesn't last
    Embed your videos into blogs or other relevant discussion forums
    Stick to the topic on the title and make sure you have good quality footage
    Keep sharing and the channel will grow automatically
    All the best mate!!
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    Use these Simple Tactics to Get More YouTube Subscribers.

    1. Choose Accurate, Clickable Titles for Your Videos
    2. Give Your Channel a Redesign
    3. Make Playlists to Encourage Viewers to Subscribe
    4. Only Create and Post Highly Watchable Content

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    Best Quick Tactics To Grow Your YouTube Video Views in 2018.

    1. Keyword Research
    2. Meta Tags
    3. Bringing in More Traffic
    4. Personalize the Channel
    5. Communication with the Subscribers
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    1. Title and Description Optimization
    2. Use related topic keywords
    3. The video should be very clear and useful
    4. Share your videos on social media...
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    You share it to all your social media accounts and the title must interesting.
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    There are a few ways to increase YouTube views.
    * Use tags.
    * Custom thumbnail.
    * Insert keyword in title.
    * Work with other youtuber.
    * Promote it on social media.
    * Upload regularly

    I hope my simple answer helps.
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  • There are many ways to increase You Tube views:
    * Use tags which your competitor might be using so that your video appears in the suggested section.
    * Use catchy keywords in your title. (just like Brian Dean uses)
    * Promoting it on social media like twitter, facebook and etc.
    * Video length matters a lot the first few seconds of your video are very important create curiosity in the viewers so that they watch your video completely.
    * keep replying actively to the comments on your video. This shows that you are an active You Tuber.
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    Here are 9 ways to increase the views of your organization's video on YouTube without spending extra money:

    -Feature it on your YouTube page.
    -Choose a good thumbnail.
    -Make your title short and interesting.
    -Pick tags that will be good for SEO.
    -Write a good video description.
    -Take advantage of the nonprofit annotations on YouTube.
    -Upload a transcript of your video in English and Spanish.
    -Post early and often.
    -Add a lightbox or pop-up on your website.
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    You can increase the YouTube views by posting the video link on various forms besides that you can join various groups on social website like facebook, twitter, Reddit etc. which are relevant to your video so that you get maximum views.
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    -Have the videos optimized. Tags, good titles (look for similar content and create a title that MIMICS the ones that are doing well)

    -Relevant descriptions: Having the keyword written at least 3 times throughout the description.

    -Consisten uploading: Once per day or every 2 days. Remember you can batch create and schedule out automatically

    -Longer videos! The longer the better, but it will depend on the content (your audience has to be engaged throughout)

    -create playlists (and mention them in the videos). This will show youtube that your channel is relevant to the audience, and will boost your channel more.

    -Sharing is caring. Share in platforms like facebook or instagram for added exposure

    Hope it helps
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    Easy (and Free) Ways to Get More Views on YouTube in 2019
    Create Compelling Content.
    Encourage Viewers to Subscribe.
    Create Playlists to Keep People Watching.
    Promote Other Videos with End Screens and Cards.
    Add a Watermark to Your Videos.
    Make Sure Your Videos Are Embedding Enabled.
    Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels.
    Understand the Importance of 'Watch Time'
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  • Hi,
    - you should share your url adress of the profile or a separate video in other social media such as facebook,twitter,instagram and others. More the better.
    - use correct hashtags
    - start to collaborate with other YouTubers to grow your audience.
    >>>>>>>Cheap SMM Reseller Panel:<<<<<<<<
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    Do not just promote offers.

    But provide valuable information related to what you eventually offer.

    They can be problems, general information or tips on how to improve your audience's lives.

    Say for example 7 Things To Avoid So As NOT To Screw Up Your Date.

    If you do not have an idea, you can either do research for articles and blog posts.

    Or ask experts on those whom you can meet and connect with in networking events.

    I am not a Youtube expert. In fact I am also learning.

    But I can recommend one person whom I have been following for some time and perhaps you can take inspiration from.

    His name is Joshua Elder.

    He is the absolute master when it comes to Youtube marketing.

    Here is his Youtube channel.
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    I guess, There are some tricks to get more views & Rank of video on YouTube as experience YouTubers used to get more vies.

    For example Content should be unique & different than yours on YouTube, Use relevant title description & hashtag etc.

    So there are some tricks to get more viewers on YouTube video.
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    Title and description should not exceed the limit. You should tag your keywords relevantly.
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    Optimize the videos for YT search. that will help you to get free traffic.
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    Go collaborate with another youtube and make a video s/o each other.
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    If you are looking for a free solution you can check successful Youtube channel.some tips are try to video short,allow people to share,only upload worth watching videos , keep always video good quality and social media
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    Make sure not to spam keywords in the video description. That is something I have seen a lot and they just do not work nowadays.
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    Share you you tube link to various social media channels and also there are many video submission links to promote.
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    Hi Vikramjeet,
    If you want to increase your youtube video views, you need to take advantage of social exchange sites like AddmeFast, Youlikehits, Linkcolider etc.
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    Are you familiar with the unlist method? Not sure if it still works but alot of people use to use it to get to 1st page for target keywords.
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    make some high quality how-to videos related to your niche and channel and then reach for local websites and inform them you are fine if they used your videos on their already written articles or the ones they will write in the future. This will increase the organic traffic growth of your youtube channel and as a product increase your other video's organic reach
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