What About Facebook Ads is So Secretive?

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There is a new facebook ad every day advertising a new facebook ad self-study course.

What the heck is so secretive that people are doing in their facebook ad campaigns that gives them the idea their course is worth so much money? The two I've bought spend most of the time walking you through how to setup a facebook page for cryin' out loud.

Pick your location. Pick your demo. Exclude a keyword to rule out interests you don't want your potential leads to possess. I get it.

What I don't get is when someone is up on stage at an Internet marketing conference and in like 20 minutes a person they've brought up on stage has 10,000 new Likes and spends $2 or whatever.

What secret "trick facebook" tactic have you used with facebook ads that has worked well for you?
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    Facebook have their own training for ads, and it's free.

    If somebody doesn't know that, or they need info right now, without sitting through hours of training to find the bits they need and are willing to pay for it, there's a market.
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    Originally Posted by lerxtjr View Post

    What I don't get is when someone is up on stage at an Internet marketing conference and in like 20 minutes a person they've brought up on stage has 10,000 new Likes and spends $2 or whatever.
    I recently saw a TV show where a guy was attending one of those 'pickup artist' seminars, and after a couple of minutes of patter, left the bar with a gorgeous woman. Lots of the attendees had similar stories.

    Turned out that the gorgeous women leaving with the wannabe PUAs were actually escorts hired by the guy running the seminar.

    I'm not making any accusations, but...
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      Haha,it is funny,John...This is the world with man and woman...I remembered 15 years ago when I was a sales guy making cold calls,a boss in RI told me you would get a lot girls if you knew how to make cold calls,then he told me his wife was got through his cold calls when he was a salesperson...So email marketing is the same,i remembered at that time(15 years ago) i shoot a lot of emails out every day,then i got some girls often email me back asking for dinner together...
      Take care!

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    Well i think people are so secretive its because they dont want competition
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    Reality is that there are Billions being spent on FB advertising, most of it without turning positive ROI. Where there is heavy traffic there are bound to be tow trucks waiting for the next accident :-)

    The other reality is that there are a ton of features that you *can use within FB advertising platform, some hideous tools for managing ads that take far more learning than is necessary if they were well designed and frequent updates that make what you knew yesterday possibly obsolete tomorrow.

    Things like re-targeting, subtleties about building your FB likes versus getting content views versus getting traffic to off-site pages such as landing pages all have their sub-strategies. For example, setting ads toward content will end up much less expensive and then you can re-target the visitors that went to your content toward sales funnels and get much higher response rate for less $$ than just shoving a bunch of first-time traffic to sales funnel.

    There are some very good courses out there (and like everything else, a LOT of bad ones), but they are expensive because they tend to be aimed at people/company's that spend 4-5 figures monthly or higher on FB ads

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    Facebook ads done correctly is really complicated.

    In my E-commerce course I have a section on Facebook ads and this section alone is 5+ hours and I upload new content all the time.

    Facebook is changing things all the time first of all, and there are A LOT of tricks that most people don't know about.

    It is WAY more complicated than picking a few keywords and selecting the gender and age, trust me.
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    A buddy of mine does Facebook training and what's different about his sessions is that he's got a knack for working with the new features that FB rolls out faster than anyone then includes that into his existing training.

    AffPortal Niche Research & Campaign Development Tools - CLICK HERE >>

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      Excellent post! Some people do have a knack for Facebook!
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    There aren't any "tricks" , it's all about having enough different ads sets to allow you to find the "winning ad". Use a different image and marketing approach for each ad and you'll be amazed with the results.
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    I recently started making memes for one of my fan page and have several ads going viral. These are my facebook memes/ads that has worked well for me. I would say good content + targeted audience. That's pretty much it, really. And yes, split testing several ads for diff audience size and see if that work.
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    i wasted lot of money on facebook courses.
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    There are many techniques for FB ads.
    For me, I like using lookalike audience and re-targeting.
    I can't call this "a secret". They are features that open to everyone.
    However, how to these features, is the actual secret.
    That's why you see new courses about FB ads from time to time.
    Everyone has his/her way to benefit from facebook ads features & capabilities.

    Success is a CHOICE, not a CHANCE!
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    It's the mindset that people have going into advertising expecting immediate results that discourages most in the first day or two.

    Optimization takes time. You will over spend in your first two weeks, no matter what.

    Write a good ad copy and be content with it. LEAVE YOUR ADSETS ALONE.

    Create pixel events for your strongest products. Your pixel can do amazing things, put it to work.

    Learn to bid correctly, it's not hard - just unique to your campaign and product.

    Stop focusing on needle narrow audiences. Narrow is not always a good thing, broad can be better. Split testing is overrated - if anything split test your ad copy not your targeting and after a week break down your ad by gender,location,age,device and move forward from there.

    Get creative with your objective when starting out. Don't optimize for purchases instead try optimizing for view content or clicks. You could also reverse funnel, create a pixel event - optimize for engagement run a 5 dollar a day pe ad then re target.

    Scale scale scale, start with 7-10 dollars a day.

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    Thanks for the great responses everyone.

    Get your non-fiction book done without typing ProduceMyBook.com >>

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