Are there any good, trustful and honest MLM programs out there?

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Hi, fellow Warriors

I have been thinking about giving multi level marketing (MLM) a try, because I want to believe there are legit programs out there (at least a handful) where a win-win-win situation between the owner of the MLM program, the end clients and the ones selling for the MLM program can be created.

Which are these few programs out there?

There seems to be some kind of evaluation process, by Jon M. Taylor who, from what I know, is an expert in evaluating MLM programs:

Best regards

P.S.: All the people now trying to sell their not-so-great-but-rather-very-selfish-and-only-one-party-wins MLM program: please don't. Thanks.
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    Evaluate the MLM method associated with Company!

    1. Is selling memberships to the MLM the only method to build the Company, in order for you to make money with the Company?

    - Companies sell products and services and also provide methods to allow people who may or may not have purchased those products or services to choose to become a re-seller, affiliate or partner of a particular product or service.

    2. Is recruiting partners, affiliates or re-sellers the only method that the company uses to make money and survive as a valid business?

    -The company should be surviving and growing on the basis of sales of it's own products and services. When this happens without partners, affiliates or re-sellers then the company will probably survive and continue without offering any type of MLM method.

    On the other hand, a company that can institute a valid MLM method (that includes break off points on levels of recruitment within their program) to help bring in more business through partners, re-sellers or affiliates is only going to become more successful, since they now have core products and/or services to sell and a team of partners, re-sellers or affiliates to help expand their business.

    Enough said! Just keep asking yourself the above two questions and look at a companies history! Scams or schemes usually become quite obvious over time, so plopping your money down and joining before midnight tomorrow may or may not be a good idea!
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      Thank you! Any suggestions about any good guys among the big flock of black sheep?
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        You said:

        P.S.: All the people now trying to sell their not-so-great-but-rather-very-selfish-and-only-one-party-wins MLM program: please don't. Thanks.

        And so you got at least one answer to help you or anyone else sort out stuff before jumping into anything smelling funny! Maybe there are more answers without any referral links, etc.. but that is it for me...unless you end up leaving a message on my phone!
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          Well, if you are participating in one that meets the searched for standards, then yours would not be among that I wanted not to be mentioned
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    It's kind of obvious something is a scam when the marketing is the product.
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      Thank you. I have to think about that first to fully understand that, I think
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    i think now a days digital attitude is good
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      hmm... what are you trying to say, in terms of my question? can you get more specific?
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      I can see where you're coming from, Kay. My assumption was that people who share info would be the 'good guys', the people working for the MLM programs that I am interested in (as per my initial post). But I can see that it's difficult to draw a line and that people (esp. the good guys) may be worried that they get banned.
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    #1 doTERRA
    #2 Jeunesse
    #3 Younique
    #4 Digital Altitude
    #5 Tecademics
    #6 Advocare
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    Hi David, I think salzingale posted great questions below. I have chosen my "horse" and so far I´m more than happy with this company. Answers to the questions below would be
    1. As an affiliate I´m able to sell my own products, and/or the companys products to make money, as well as recruiting new affiliates.
    2. They do sell their own high quality products, and marketing through affiliates is only a part of the bigger picture.
    As mentioned below we all want to avoid being banned from this forum, but feel free to visit my secondary website or contact me if you want to know more.
    Kind regards from one of the "good girls"
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    well if you follow these steps correctly then you can able to get more about it...
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