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Hello everybody, I am a new user to this forum and I'm hoping to find the solution here.

My instagram name is abby_stores. I am selling replica bags with good prices starting at $50, so I want a lot of followers from the gulf, Europe, the middle east, and I want followers world wide so I can expand.

How can I find people who can buy, not just follow all people and get stuck with limited followers.

Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hey Maya,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Narrowing them down would probably take some time, but you could look over their profiles and see if they're the bag buying type.

    Again though, this will take a good amount of time.

    I'd personally follow everyone that you can that seems interested in the niche, then unfollow them a few days later to avoid the follower cap. Only a very small number of people will unfollow you if you unfollow them. I would think most people don't even notice that you unfollowed them.

    Just continue interacting with them in the comments and whatnot and you should be good to keep a nice active engaged follower base.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hey Maya

    What you should do is look for brands that are similar to the bags that you are selling.

    Follow, like, and engage with the people that are following the brands that you researched. If the content you put out is similar to theirs then they will be more likely to engage with you in return.
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    Trying to visit there profile and scan if they are the type of people that likes bags then follow them and try to comment their photos that may involve with your product.
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    Hello and welcome to the WarriorForum!

    I would recommend you to grow at least 5 Instagram accounts related to the products you sell.
    Once you get a substantial amount of followers, you may want to include a link in the bio leading to your store.

    Unless you have a significant budget to spend on advertising, this is the way to go and it takes some time.

    Now, as far as following people is concerned, simply pick 4-5 relevant hashtags and start liking and following people who post in these hashtags. You can use a bot at your own discretion and risk to automate this but if you want to do it manually, it will take some time.
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      Ok help me from where i start those people in europe my price will be cheaper to them so i want to start there but i need a person to follow to follow his followers and start from there
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    Did you purchased those followers since your engagement is very very low or its absolutely nothing. I would never follow anyone from a brand accounts since it should be an influencer account and not any random follow unfollow accounts.
    Here are my suggestions for you.
    > Unfollow all the users and keep your accounts dont just upload photos of products alone try getting some models or use stock photos.
    > Build some female pseudo accounts since you are targetting female products, Get an automation bot and use it for follow, unfollow, like, comment 24/7 Followliker is good for this purpose. Now when these accounts get some good followers like 4k-5k use them to shoutout your main account in this way will find targeted users who are interested in your product
    > You can also go for some purchased shoutout to boost your accounts and gain some sales.

    At last I would say your accounts doesnot look very good look into your competitors who are doing good and see what they do.
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    i hope this page will solve your problem carefully..
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