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I am a noob to FB ads. What is the best way or what resource can I use to kinda walk me through it to ensure I am targeting the right audience? I don't have any money to buy whatever "traffic strategy" anybody is selling. I am basically just hoping somebody can help me on the strength.

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  • Me too facing the same issue. Need to know about targeting audience.
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    Here are 3 ways you can use targeting to get the most from your Facebook ads. (we are using it personally for our clients)

    Understand your target audience!
    Who they are based on demographics like age and gender, relationship status, and job roles
    What interests them according to their Page Likes
    What they purchase including past buying behavior and categories they're most likely to buy

    Be specific about who you want to reach!

    When you narrow your targeting, you can focus on reaching the people who matter most to your business. This can help you increase your return on investment and make the most of your advertising budget.
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    First things first, do you have a good idea already of who your audience is?
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      Kinda, i am trying to market a make money online affiliate offer. I'm not exactly sure how to go about making sure I am reaching the right audience.
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  • I suggest you look on Facebook Lazer Targeting. In this way, you only target people who are 'passionate' about the niche you are working on. Quick tip: only target 100k to 300k potential users.
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    Following your post for the solution
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    myself also facing the same kind of problem ...anyone give me a suggestion..
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    still now i dint face any problem using this..it is working fine..
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    this is a good idea..everyone can follow this..
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