Noob Question on A/B Testing on Facebook (Thanks)

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New in the business, but I have a question and would value your experience on A/B Testing on social Networks like Facebook.

I have clients with budgets but narrow targets who want to do ad testing. We may have several executions to test but broad A/B testing on facebook wouldn't be relevant to our narrow target, and displaying bad execution might actually be harmful.

I would like to pre-recruit a sample of specific people who opt in (let's say Suburban Philadelphians who like to talk about dogs in scial media) and conduct private confidential AB ad testing by injecting an ad into their facebook page script using a proxy. So, it looks like their facebook page but no one sees the ad except the people I recruit.

I know this is a sensitive area. I do not want illegal suggestions. I am not smart enough to be hacker or monkey with scripts. I'm just trying to figure out if there is a way to do this without blowing up the world..

Thanks in advance.
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