Question for FB ads consultants?

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Hey Warriors, i've been a lurker so far, I have this hazy idea for a service, would love to get feedback from FB ads folks to see if it has any legs...

I've read a detailed case study about a Facebook Ads funnel with videos - getting views for as cheap as 0.002$ and then create a custom audience of people who watched 95%. It's no secret that Facebook favours campaign with videos.

Now, if you're creating funnels for your clients, you want them to get maximum ROI. If videos are so effective, it would be cool if your clients had videos you could use.

If not, you could sell them a 'Facebook video service for XXX$' in a whitelabel model, video would be outsourced to a 'small video agency' - in this case me.

does this make any sense at all....? what do you guys think?
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