How to get facebook likes on my page..

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Hi Guys,

How can I get more likes on my page?
I am using Wordpress with social share plugin
Please share your suggestions

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  • Share the link to your fan page and share that to bigger groups. It's been proven that less pple will click to third party site. You'll have more success if you post directly on FB. Otherwise I would run a FB ads for collecting lead or something.
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    You can run the campaign on facebook to get more page likes or you can manually share the page link on your wall as well as your friends or on the wall of your relatives and also share into social groups.
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  • Hello
    Share your link on Fan Page and on your wall as well, you can also campaign on fb nd mostly it will be bettr if you share the post directly FB it will work definetly
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    In my opinion Facebook like can be increased if you have a lot's of friends there in your profile and depends upon the content you are publishing. It must be something interesting so it can be liked by other. Or your can send a message to your friends to simply like the content if you have a large group of friends.
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    Join like4like this is the simplest and best way for page like
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    When you write a content, make it a habit to share it on social media sites or extend your resources on other platforms.

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    You need to share good images, video & links on FB page and not only your own links but also share other sites links that you think to provide good info. Quotes play a major role so if possible then shares the motivational, inspiring & thought full quotes on your FB page.
    Share your FB page on large FB groups and ask users on your page if you share the informative links & good graphic images then other users will definitely like your FB page.
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    1---If YOU want to More Like And Comment on your FB PAGE first Join a Big Group

    2-- Make your page Sponsor and Boot it
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    to get more likes on ur post.1st join a populer group.make ur topic more attractive.then tag ur friends.i think that way u can gat more likes.
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    Facebook ads campaign can be a best solution and you can select low PPC country to minimize your expense.

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    WHY gettin more likes?

    These are numbers which do not worth too much...


    if you want: use fb ads AND use a plugin in jvzoo which INSTANTLY open facebook messenger to the person who put this 'like' and ask him to opt in in your squeeze page... you can BUILD A LIST WHILE gettin more fancy likes! Just target it good!
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    For getting Facebook likes on your page, you should follow some basic activities like below:
    • Be regularly active on social media by sharing quotes related to your page niche
    • Do share updates of your website on facebook page
    • Build strong network for your facebook page
    • Give reply to people comments on your post (if any)

    You should also take help of this resource for detailed information.
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    key points to get more likes
      1. Optimize your Facebook Page Info
      2. Post engaging content
      3. Always Be active
      4. Promote your Facebook Page, everywhere
      5. Invite your existing community
      6. Use Facebook Social Plugins
      7. Use data to entice new community members to like you
      8. Pay to play with Facebook Ads
      9. Run a contest
      10. Use social media monitoring to measure, analyze, and learn
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    Add Value to those who are looking for answers.

    Just as a little hack: Usually, I go to popular pages and pop into the comments sections and just read what people are asking or talking about and I create my content based on that.
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    share your link as much as possible to your friends..and try to use some tools to get more likes..this will be easy than.
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    getting facebook likes is a trend now a can use either tools or simply post some good contents and photos/videos that people will like your page,..
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    Join Facebook groups related to your niche. Post relevant content in that group and meet new people. Then ask the people you meet to like your page.
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    Share the link to your fan page and share that to bigger popular page and groups. Invite As Much Friends You Can. Also you can use some good contents and photos.

    I Will Create Professional Logo Design For only 10$

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    If you have an email list and newsletter subscribers, you can ask them to like your page in your emails; alternatively offer ebooks and products in exchange for an email "like"
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    I don't want to post lengthy. In simple words, you should post good quality images, news and rich content and especially trending news. You can take a help of Google trends.
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    Give more value through your Facebook Page. Comment on FB updates related to your niche. Respond to comments and Likes on Facebook Page status updates. Keep giving and giving and giving more and more, and the getting of Likes and comments increases.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Here are some tips that may bring likes on your Facebook Post.
    Follow this steps
    - Target a combination of user interests
    - Build A Customers' Lookalike Audience
    - Increase your relevance score by empowering your followers
    - Pose a question in your Ad
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    You can run a paid campaign for page and also manually share the page link in related Facebook groups. Send page like an invitation to your Facebook friends.
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    I suggest Fb ads.
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  • Hii Buddy,

    first of all we would suggest you to decide your target audience by that we mean whom you want to target? secondly, create a higly engageable content. once you have done that then try to run campaign & share your page link with other social group or ask your friends & relatives to share your link & give a shout out to you. hope it will help you.
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    Check out the thread answered that has almost similar issue - Facebook Like
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    I Have Been Using a paid ways to get more likes on my page and i believe that i am getting real and genuine likes from
    Even you can use there services they provides 2 years of replacement on there services
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    You can easily use the purchase of likes. I did this to promote my page. There are many services that can help you with this.
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    First of all, you need good content and beautifully submitted information. If everything is great, then it does not make you wait long. Also you can buy likes, this too can attract users.
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  • Here are Some Step You Can Use and You Will Definitely Get Lot Of Likes On Your Facebook Page.

    1. Post a status update
    2. Post Videos to your Page
    3. Comment on Blogs
    4. Create a Memorable Brand

    Thank You
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    Just use a service like addmefast or spend some money on facebook.
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    1. Firstly you should join Facebook groups relevant to your page.
    2. Make a creative & effective post for your page.
    3. Content is the king so that it should be user friendly and easy to understand it.
    4. Use proper hashtags.

    Share your page link on other social media platforms.
    Definitely you will get good results.
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    for this there is a bunch of platforms and services (if you really want), but in general the success is laid in properly selected target audience and good content.
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    Based on my experience, making Ad on Facebook is the best way. It is cheaper than Google and has higher rate to get likes. You should also post high quality content and picture to get people attention.
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    You can try to buy yourself like. Now many people do that. This well attracts the attention of other users. You can also order advertising from popular bloggers, it's a very good way to advertise your account.
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    Creating paid campaign will help. Just open the link you can create an account then link the page. You can increase the reach of the article you will post then probably increase the likes on your page.
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    I have identified 7 main points.
    Method number 1: change the "likes" for the opportunity to participate in surveys and voting
    Method number 2: give discounts for "likes"
    Method # 3: Offer e-books for " like"
    Method # 4: get "likes" with Facebook ads
    Method number 5: add the "like" button or Facebook social plugin to the site
    Method # 6: add a "Like" button to the site's helper
    Method number 7: change the "likes" for access to exclusive video
    I think that by following all this guidance you will achieve success very quickly.
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  • you can use boost post feature in FB
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    You can participate in facebook groups.
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