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Would you rather pay a month fee of $20 or a %10 on each gig you complete as a freelancer?
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    If you are new, go ahead with % on each gig.

    When you have many projects, go ahead with monthly fee.

    Good luck.

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    This investment is worth it. This is a good platform for freelancers! Good luck!
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    Are you referring to warrior forum? I am talking about creating a website for freelancers.
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    It depends on how many work you'll get, but what if the money is not even enough to pay for a monthly fee? Will it still be worth it?

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    It depends on the type of work - how much complex it is, urgency in completing the work, is it from scratch or the freelancer needs to understand the work done by some other person and then modify it.
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    Of course yes it depends upon what type of work you are doing...If you do it correctly you will understand it clearly..
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    freelancer is good source for this..
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    I will prefer % on each gig. This improves quality as well as the speed of the work. Though it depends on type of work, but maximum times I go for % gig. I find that proper.
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    It totally depends on the volume of work you are getting via Upwork, I would imagine some simple maths would be able to tell you how much you have to pull in to make it worth taking.
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    upwork cost 20% and freelancer 5usd for less than 50usd projects and 10% above 50USD projects i never heard that there is an option to pay only monthly fees
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    if you are new for this you should go for % for each gig,or if you are well known about this then you can go for money based gig..
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    I Think Zoopoz is more cheaper than Upwork and freelancer
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    Freelancer is the best...
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    I always prefer to go for freelancer rather than upwork....because that is the best way to finish each gig.....
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    10% per gig of course but there is one other site that doesn't take a percentage from the workers salary at all and that is Onlinejobs. Employers here are directly hiring, managing and paying them.
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  • Would these rates be all inclusive? Another issue freelancers have is when they do pay a percentage or a flat rate, there are added charges from the payment systems (Paypal, payoneer, etc), and from the banks handling the transaction.
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    I've had good experience in upwork and I only have good things to say about it. On the other hand, I haven't tried freelancer yet. But nevertheless upwork works great.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    I'm not a freelancer, but I do hire them occasionally when I need something done. I think both options are good to have. The monthly fee could work for people with a steady flow of work coming in. Twenty bucks will be a paltry sum for them by then. But for new freelancers, it's going to be hard to pay monthly since they'll usually have a difficult time landing jobs. The per gig payment will work better for them.

    Anyway, if you've got some capital, I think it's a good idea to branch out to different freelancing sites so you can increase your chances of getting jobs.
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    Upwork and Freelancer are two of the most popular online work platforms. Founded in 2003, the U.S. based oDesk is the older version of Upwork. was incorporated in Australia back in 2009.
    Upwork and Freelancer have both free and paid plans. The Upwork basic (free membership) plan offers 60 points (aka Connects) per month. A particular number of Connects gets exhausted each time the user applies for a job. A $10 per month fee increases the default Connect points to 70 with carry forward ability up to 140 points.
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    You can always go for the freelancer rather than up work. That is the best method for all.
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    Are you sure if you pay $20 fee and don't need to pay 10% fee?
    Actually, 10% fee is applied to all payment received by freelancer. $20 free per month is for agency Upwork profile.
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