How do you manage multiple social media platforms for multiple online businesses?

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We use multiple social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We also have multiple eCommerce and other online ventures. When trying to manage all the platforms for all the different online businesses it gets to be quite a chore.
How do you guys manage these issues and keep it all straight? Is there software that allows you to manage multiple platforms and multiple accounts? Preferable free.. but would pay for an easy to use platform. Preferably free..

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    I use the paid version of buffer.
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    I use Hootsuite for my clients. We have a paid version as well as free version. for up to 4 accounts, we use the free version and have diff Id for each client so that there is no confusion.

    We also developed a platform that is capable of managing different clients from a single dashboard. Further, while clicking on each client, we get details of the social media accounts and can manage it from there. This solution was developed for a client is very happy with what has been offered to him.
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    You can try to outsource social media management to another personnel. There are SEO teams out there who take jobs for social management.
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    hootsuite is the best for that...currently am using that only..
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    I bought Midrub on CodeCanyon for managing all my profiles. One time fee, self hosted. You just need to setup apps on all of the social media platforms. I opened up my install for anyone to use free, in case you don't want to pay.
    Social Media Scheduling and Management Designed for YOU | Flamingify
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    for this you can use hootsuite and buffer...that will work better for this..
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    dude try using hootsuite..
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    Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, HubSpot, Everypost- I prefer these tools. You can check few other tools here:
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    you can use hootsuite or buffer for this...these to tools are working better..give a try..
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    Hootsuite should be your choice. You can use it to manage Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google Plus and Foursquare. It provides very insightful and customised analytics, good enough to present to management or clients without much additional work.
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  • I manage my profiles by using a tool which is specially meant for managing social profiles. It is Viralpep. With this tool, it becomes really easy to manage all profiles together. With this tool, I can schedule my content & pictures. I can also post multiple number of images with a single click. I can adjust the time according to the timezone for posting. Within the tool, there is a tool which helps me shorten any URL. For twitter posting, I do not have to login in the twitter and to count the characters. This tool itself counts the character. Many more features are available in the Viralpep.
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    You can give to the another agency for managing your multiple social media platforms.
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    I'd suggest you to try out JARVEE - Social Media Automation Tool it's a great social accounts management software. Works like a charm.
    JARVEE: The most complete Social Media Bot for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and LinkedIn - ALL IN ONE! 5 DAYS FREE!!!
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    1. BuzzSumo
    2. MeetEdgar
    3. Post Planner
    4. Foursixty
    5. SEMrush
    6. Sprout Social
    these six tools works better in managing multiple accounts for multiple business platform...
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    I'm working on one (I'm a developer), mine is about creating branding on images and the next phase will be about posting to different platforms. I'm crowdfunding as I want to build this software according to real world needs, like yours. It's at
    Freelance Software Developer
    Help me to build a great social media branding & automation tool:
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