Social Media Monitoring // something really is wrong.

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Hi guys,

my business relies 80% on facebook, I own a catering company that mainly supplies chocolate fountains, popcorn machines, cotton candy..etc to companies/weddings..etc and other events.

I've been promoting ads on facebook for the last year with some succesfull campaigns, others not.

What determines my successful campaigns is the cost per post engagement (i do post engagement posts)

So sometimes its high cost, which means the ad will not run well, other times its low cost (means the audience are responding great, with a high relevance score)

But after sometime as we all know the cost goes up and i have to refresh the AD or change targetting.

Now adays I've been trying to post alot of different campaigns for the past 2 weeks with no succesful ADS and this is what i noticed:

The first hour or two of the AD (the cost starts at 0.20EGP for example, and goes down to 0.09EGP and i get alot of messages, phone calls, etc.. then SUDDENLY the next hours it went up until 0.70EGP with a relevance score of 5 instead of 10.

Whats wrong? why is this happening with all my ads? although they are very appealing and succesfull?

Here is a picture to clarify.

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    How about meeting local wedding photographers/ floral arrangement/ lighting service / chair should get solid leads from them. About the above thing..I aint no expert in that
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    FB has run out of fresh eyeballs for your ads. Contrary to popular belief it is not a neverending source of traffic. The tighter you target the sooner they will run out of people to show your ad.

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    Your target audience may just be too narrow. Try going a bit broader.
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    You can also go for paid campaign of Facebook and Boost Post. Widen your target audience. Use other social media platforms to promote your business.
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    its helpful for getting some knowledge about this..
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