How to get FB interaction going?

by amunt
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I share my youtube videos on FB page, but I'd like to get more of a conversation going.
Any ideas. I do language courses. There seems to be some reach, but engagement is very low. I tried a poll and only one person voted. Any general ideas?
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    Do you have a Fanpage or are you advertising? Either way, paid advertising is the best way to find a target audience specifically interested in your offer. I say 'best' because it can happen today and because you can eliminate bouncing from one time-consuming gimmick to another.

    Interaction is a noble endeavor, but if you are in business to make money advertising -whether its Facebook or any other platform- is the tried and true method that pretty much trumps all the others.
    I'm not suggesting you abandon any interaction engagement. It's very good to build a brand and build trust along the way. It's just not the fastest and most direct way.
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    I know a lot of marketers who get a great deal of 'interaction' going using their personal profiles for business.

    Yes they get more interaction with their personal profiles than their pages.

    Some of them do this on a full time basis and are boss free.

    But there is a process for this and they learned this well to the point of Freedompreneur by utilizing a very powerful system that taught them how.

    You can always ask me for a link to this system (since I can not give it here).
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    If you want to automate your interactions on Facebook, i would suggest you to use FollowingLike
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    I don't remember exactly what their fees are, but they're good! Good luck!
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    If you post interested video for audience (I mean quality content maintained) then you easily get interaction in FB!
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    Visual Step-by-step Guide: How To Create Successful Advertising Campaigns On Facebook Plus How To Build Facebook Pages, Groups, Places, Custom Landing Pages, Social Plugins
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    Since you mentioned that your page is related to language course (Hope it is non technical language)... Here is something that came to mind immediately. I am sure it could help, if you think it doesn't .. plz ignore.

    1. Create theme days for each week.
    2. Post a question based on the theme that you chose on the respective day.
    2a. Ask your page liners/followers to answer the question.
    3. Respond back to the answers to keep engagement On (Don't reveal the answer immediately)
    4. Reveal the answer with a 'Share To See' option or just after a day or 2.
    5. Keep posting new content each day and ask your followers to Translate & Test their skills.
    6. Also try to post some trivia questions in a language that you are promoting & ask your visitors to answer the question if they understand it.

    Pretty much like an excersive every day. This will let them come back to your page to Learn Daily & also to be able interact with those questions, etc.,

    If your page is a Technincal Course related, you can still apply the same though.
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    this is not possible manually so go for the automation tools like hootsuite, followlike, buffer etc.,
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    Comment on updates of your buddies, and like their updates too. Share your friend's content.

    Whatever you want - engagement, etc - give freely. Give engagement to get engagement. This strategy works incredibly well but you need to be patient in applying it.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    just spam other people with like
    then theyll like you back
    especially with asian people
    we loved like
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