Why You should not use Instagram automation tools

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Why You should not use Instagram automation tools

2 years ago i was using an Instagram automation tool (bot) called INSTAGRESS, this tool allows you to automatically like, comment & follow people on Instagram to grow your audience & get new followers

So i used to set the tool on my Instagram account to automatically like, follow people to get more followers to my profile as a web developer

Set up Instagress, set the BOT to like & comment & follow anyone who follow or like me & also anyone with the Hashtags #WebDeveloper #WebDesign #Entrepreneur #GraphicDesign & i also added some "general" Hashtags like #Beautiful #Nice #Cool #Cute ...etc

So few days ago, i just clicked posts you've liked & kept scrolling & I discovered that Instagress used to like & leave comments on pictures that got no relation with my profile

- Like a picture of a dog the bot left a comment "Such an Inspiration"
- I found out the bot was liking & commenting on people's Instagram family profiles
- The bot was liking & commenting on posts from other languages that i don't even understand what these posts are about (Russian, Hebrew ..etc)
- Posts that got no relation with me like make up, politics, religion, fashion, people's personal pictures ....etc
- Comments that got no relation with the posts

So basically this tool can put you on awkward situations leaving likes & comments everywhere

By the way Instagress got shutdown at the end of April 2017 but there's some other instagram automation tools that people use

So my Tip for you, don't use Instagram automation tools with your personal instagram account it can put you on awkward situations

I'll let you with these articles about Instagram bots & why you should not use them :
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    Hi, Millionaire777. I totally agree with you. With Instagram's recent move in shutting down bots it is very much clear that automation tools should not be used in Instagram.

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    I agree with you too..
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    You should not use instagram automation tools because if you do so then you won't reach your goal.
    You won't gather anyone trust.
    Also you won;t do any business on this fake followers.!!
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    I would say that Instagram is getting a bit unpopular.

    My opinion is that Facebook is much better and you should focus more time on that.

    Or am I wrong?
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    They can be good for certain things, but not really in a professional manner. You can autoDM everyone who follows you with a discount for your product and simply like and follow people. That won't be as awkward as random comments.
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    I totally agree, I have been saying this same stuff for a while too. The biggest reason I don't like those Instagram automation softwares is because they can and will never be able to build relationships for you. Focusing on that is more important than quantity IMO.

    I would always see that same sort of stuff on posts, it's super obvious when people use bots. Once I saw a bot leave a comment on a photo about several missing women in the DC area, the comment said "how wonderful."

    Needless to say that sort of stuff will burn business bridges for you extremely fast. Great post, not always what people want to hear, but it's the truth, great post nonetheless!
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    The reason not to use Instagram automation tool is that if you use those tools then there will be some error due to bots...so it is better not to use automation tools...
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    I wouldn't automate at all. Do it all yourself.
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    1. Awkward Situations and Insensitive Comments
    2. No Real Engagement
    3. Messed up Instagram Feed
    These will be the main disadvantages of using automation tools for Instagram....
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    Most everything in life has a good side and a bad side. In this case, certain Instagram automation tools that auto comment on posts and follow accounts can cause unwanted, questionable situations. One guy tried Instagram automation on his personal account, set up good targets (or so he thought) and let the tool he was using leave comments for him that matched the parameters he set. Unfortunately, it had him leaving certain generic comments on the wrong type of photos--awkward.

    Another downside is totally wreaking havoc on your Instagram feed. A tool that auto follows people may gain you hundreds of new followers in a few days, but the automation system will likely have you following more than that, maybe even thousands in just a few short days. That makes your feed unbearable. It's just too much; too chaotic, too messy and filled with a bunch of crap posts. And ultimately all those extra posts in your feed end up burying the accounts you might actually want to easily keep tabs on and engage with.

    You may think, "That's Ok. I don't spend a lot of time on my feed, and I can just search for the accounts I want to interact with more." Well then yes you get a large following, but followers don't translate to engagement. Engagement is necessary to be effective with social media marketing.

    Also, even when you set up specific targets, automated systems still aren't humans and can't tell the difference between a real person or company's account and spam, so half of those 100 new accounts you follow could be spam accounts.
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    True! IG is on the look out for accounts who use automation/bot and is likely to get your account shadow banned. Plus it might seem to have grown your account but then there is no value in a large following account when you get poor/fake engagements.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Totally agree with you!

    We should the one to interact with our audience. Do the like, comment and follow user to have an organic outcome and a high engagement rates.
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