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Hi all!

How much should be your custom audience in order to be able to create a similar one that will be relevant and hopefully profitable?

Could you share your experiences and case studies?

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    500+ should start to kick the benefits of the algorithm, the more the better
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    Generally what i do, is narrow down to my absolute most targeted audience. From this point I look at what variables I can remove or add to ( age etc ) the bottom line is the greater the audience, the greater the overall success will be. so to have a target of 100 well targeted people vs 1000 decently targeted.. I would take the 1000 all day long
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    Are you trying to create a look-a-like audience from a custom audience? If so, you should only be creating a look-a-like audience from people who have either bought from you or accomplished some other goal you had set forth.

    The bigger the audience the better... which will allow FB to find people who meet the same criteria as those who have met your end goal. A good starting point would be around 500 more or less.
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    as others have pointed out. bigger the better.
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