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Im new to this forum, i saw a lot of threads talking about facebook groups and twitter hashtag strategies, it looks like people use facebook a lot here. How do you use facebook groups? do you join groups of your niche and then do what? post with your page and expect people to like you? also what is twitter hashtag strategy? i dont use twitter at all but i plan too. The first thing i learned about twitter is to add content there and follow people, do you share your blog's content on twitter? what kind of content you add there?
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    You choose Facebook groups that are under the niche you're pursuing to look for leads or influencers whom you can collaborate with in the future. You also join Facebook groups to promote your products and services and that is why it's important that you join Facebook groups under your niche. You engage with other people and establish your credibility. If they have concerns and you think your products and services can help them, you grab those opportunities and turn them into sales.

    About hashtags, well, they are used for searchability. You use them so people would find you easier and quicker.

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  • Well social media is used for connecting with people and promote your website or blogs
    you can add some sub for subs groups and you can incline you followers in social media
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    People come on social media looking for making their presence wide and sharing and reading new ideas and tactics not for any commercial purpose so we respect their intention and always need to share some knowledge and new stuff. You can make aware them about your product.
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    Hi Shanks,

    You help people through Facebook Groups and Twitter, asking questions, answering questions. Add hashtags on Twitter to target your connections.

    These platforms - akin to all online - are service platforms. Mediums for assisting people. If you just try to get - post a link and run - everybody ignores you and your link. Rightfully so; if someone only talks about or promotes themselves all day how can they help you?

    Servants are prospering on FB Groups, Twitter, and anywhere online.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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