How can I find some Facebook ad examples?

by ncloud
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I don't know much about Facebook, but I'd like to try paid advertising on Facebook. But first I'd like to see other people's facebook ads so I can see how other people are doing it.

I've only used Facebook a few times to look people up, but I don't ever recall seeing any ads on there. How can I find some ad examples on Facebook?
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  • In your facebook news feed when you post something, you should notice that, just below your name(on that post) there is time(posting time) showing up so that's a normal post.

    Now if you keep scrolling you sometimes get to see that into some posts, in the place of that time, it's showing a text "Sponsored" so that is a facebook ad
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    You can spy on your competition, give likes on similar pages in your niche, leave comments if you want and Fb will start to show you ads relevant to your niche..

    Most of the best paid tools for this purpose were deactivated by Fb because, most likely, the people used them in unethical ways.
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    Ok, so if I'm in the survival/prepping niche, I would do a search for "survival" or "prepping" or any other niche related keywords. Then I would like some of the pages that show up. And after doing that eventually I'll start to see ads in this niche showing up in my news feed?
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    What you may be looking for are actual case studies of Facebook campaigns (preferably profitable campaigns). You could search for case studies on Youtube. You may find content about ecommerce and also CPA marketing there.
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    Yeah I might be able to find some case studies on Youtube. Thanks for mentioning that.
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    When you create an advertising cabinet and create a real ad, the system will show you how it looks. Everything is simple there - you just need to sort it out for a while.
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  • Profile picture of the author colorado1850 has several great ones...

    Adespresso University gives you tons of examples which is worth the value.

    But like @radu mentioned, like the same pages you would plan to target and then start saving the ads you see (when you see any ad on FB, just go to the little "..." button at the top right of the post and click 'Save post' - then you can refer back to it whenvever you want.

    An easy way to find pages related to your niche is through the Facebook Audience Insights:
    (you have to be signed in to FB)

    I recorded a quick video showing how to do this (click here to watch )...

    Also you can find some examples via Google search (also show how to do this in the video)
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    Looking at your competition and see what they're doing is a good option.
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    Thanks for the video, that was very helpful.
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  • The best way is the start liking FB pages related to your niche. After you do this, you'll start seeing related FB ads within your news feed which gives you not only examples, but relative examples to the niche you're planning on working in.

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    I think you need inspirations ... search for your marketing angels on pint rest the reserve it on ads
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