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I recently learned that marketers should be using 20-30 #hastags when posting around the web.

I.e the below #hashtags:

#rockerjaw #rockerjawmagazine AnthonyTADell #digitalmarketing #e-commerce #internetlifestyle #makemoneyonline #productcreation #warriorforum #couching #mentors

As I understand it, by dropping #hashtags like this, it makes indexing easy for the search engines and hence when I do a search for i.e rockerjaw I should find this message. Right?

Leave a comment as I would love to discuss any comments. Thanks in advance.

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    i think it is the best way for crawled you website and pages
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      rohit arora. Hi and thank you for taking the time to reply. Its nice to get confirmation.
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    I don't know how the search engines rank hashtag input. It's value is primarily getting in the search results of the social media platforms, particularly Twitter and Instagram.

    Nevertheless, spam is spam regardless of whether it has a # in front of it. Two hashtags is the recommended limit. I'd venture to guess that most people regard a hashtag farm accordingly, if they regard it at all.
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      I see, over doing on the #tags can be considered spam. Keep it minimal. Thanks for the advice and taking the time to reply.
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    Hi Rockerjaw,

    Heavy hashtag usage - aka 20 to 30 tags - works really well on Instagram. Use this strategy on that site. Reap sweet results.

    But Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other forums no likey because each community sees heavy hashtag usage as spam. Almost like you could care less about users but focus just on getting search traffic through your HHTU - Heavy Hash Tag Usage - you betcha folks label these updates as spam, you lose traction and hurt your reputation a bit in the process.

    Use 20 or 30 tags on IG. No worries. Users agree on heavy tag usage on IG. But skip on other networks.

    If getting search traction is a goal buddy dive head first into writing helpful guest posts on top blogs in your niche and also, by sharing in-depth, generous, valued information on Warrior. I was spriting up page 2 on Google for the ultimate keyword in my niche; guest posting and committing 100% to helping folks on Warrior, plus posting to my blog daily (helpful content) gave me a big time boost on Google.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Thanks Ryan your a gold mine of information. Iv got a feeling we could make some money together. Actually: instagram I know almost nothing about. I did hear that heavey # use on instagram was the social norm. However Im only learning that its considered spam in other social platforms.

      If it's ok I'd like to connect on Facebook?
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    use less and appropriate hashtags on your post.
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  • We use hashtags
    because social media do easily crawl your post easily
    You can get good traffic from social media
    with help of hash tags
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      Hi Black Magic Islam. Thanks for the reply and taking the time to share your ideas. I understand. Social media crawl and easily index #hashtags. Thats why its important to use them to help drive traffic. God Bless.
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    I wasn't aware search engines actually crawled hashtags. I've always assumed it's more of a social media thing?

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    #hashtags are used to increase the reach. These are the tags who help the users to find the relevant information they want.

    Hashtags used to show the post relevancy and they are also must for post engagement.
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    Hashtags are generally used for giving the highlight to a thing. Probably these are used to get the attraction and importance.
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      Yes. I understand that the use of hashtags can emphasise an emotion or an action. i.e
      #hashtags #socialmedia #discussions
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      I like to use hashtags to highlight an emotion to give the community a sense of my emotional integrity. Ideally the reader will understand how I feel as well as what I think. Unless i'm using them from a working perspective in which case I will be using them specifically to have my posts indexed for reference.
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    useful post the use of #hashtag is trending over social media everywhere.
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      Im finding it a really helpful tool. Iv been dropping the add hashtag here in warrior forum and finding my those same #tags ranking for my domain name.
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    Hashtags On Instagram
    Photos with 11+ hashtags seem to get the most interactions. However, they can also look like spam when they're overdone.

    Google+ lets you include them in your comments as well. This gives your posts more opportunity to be seen.
    Usually, a total 2 or 3 hashtags is a good target here.

    Hashtags On Facebook
    Data shows hashtags on Facebook do not help boost engagement. That means you might be better served by leaving hashtags off entirely. In one study, posts with hashtags received only .80% viral reach, while posts without hashtags had 1.30% viral reach.

    there are times when you might want to create your own hashtag. You might want one to complement an event so attendees can track social posts. Or, you might have a unique marketing campaign that needs its own hashtag
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      Thanks Nidhi, for the reply and sharing your thoughts on hashtags. When I use hashtags personally its to highlight a feeling or an action I'm attaching to a comment i.e #sigh. In this post im dropping them more as an experiment: every time I do my brand gets a little bigger. Now i'l consider when I use them a little more thanks to your post. I'd like to know where your research came from. I'd like a read.

      #rockerjaw #rockerjawmagazine
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      Thanks for sharing this information.
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      Thanks Nidhi for sharing good information!!
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    Hashtags work on Instagram, not so good on Facebook or Tweeter. I wouldn't recommend using inappropriate or two general hashtags. They won't help in search and might be considered as spam.
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    Hi TomekProg. Thanks for the reply. thanks for the warning. Im not adept at using instagram though i am planning to get in to it.
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  • Using hashtag is very easy.
    First, Take or upload a photo or video.
    Second, Choose to add a filter, then type # followed by text or emoji in the Caption field (example: #flower)
    Lastly, If you want to add a hashtag to a post you've already uploaded, edit the caption or include your hashtag in a comment on your photo.
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      Thanks for the reply Amelia. I'll remember that when I start my instagram campaigning.
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    Hashtags are primarily used on Instagram + Twitter, but can be used on Youtube & Facebook. They help people already searching on those platforms.

    They're almost irrelevant to search engines (Google, Bing).

    What they're used for on Insta and Twitter is adding your posts to the conversation around those hashtags. If you search Instagram for fitness, you'll find over a million posts with the #fitness in it - that's what they're used for.
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    I don't know if 20 to 30 hashtags per post is going to work similarly on each and every social network. You may want to test posts with different number of hashtags and see which amount may get you the most traffic or leads to decide.
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      Originally Posted by echelon View Post

      I don't know if 20 to 30 hashtags per post is going to work similarly on each and every social network. You may want to test posts with different number of hashtags and see which amount may get you the most traffic or leads to decide.
      Thanks again echelon. I got it. Test the responses. Try different amounts of hash tags to see what gives the best traffic results.
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    I recently got to know that using #hashtags not only works for social media but also for search engines. It helps the crawler for easy identification of your site content.
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    I agree, 20-30 hashtags is definitely a little bit too much. Just use about 5-10 and only the most relevant ones so your post doesn't look spammy. Thanks, by the way. I only just discovered hashtags are now being crawled by search engines. I really thought its main purpose was solely for social media.
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    Hashtags can increase awareness, getting your content seen by more people than just followers and increase your social shares. By simply incorporating #hashtags into your social content, you can expand your reach and increase your audience. Knowing how to use a hashtag is fundamental to your success on social media.
    • Keep it simple and relevant
    • Utilize trending hashtags
    • Use hashtag on multiple social media marketing channels
    • Search the hashtag before you use it
    • Don't over use hashtags
    • Be specific and unique
    • Create brand engagement
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    It is a trend now-a-days to use many no of Hashtags but use of irrelevant and not so popular hashtags will not yield any results.
    For eg: if you use a new hashtag, people won't search for this hashtag and the content or article won't be ranked.

    I would prefer to use 5 or so hashtags which are relevant with the content and popular search options.
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    Don't know that much about the Google method of indexing hashtagged content. But yes it can attract users in searching the trendy messages/posts which can make them to click on our message. Maybe it can influence Google to index the URL which has the most clicks.
    Anyway I use some online tools (Google Them) to generate trending hashtags & use them in posts to follow the trends.
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    That's a lot of hashtags used for a site like Twitter but if I were you then I would stick with two hashtags with the most used and a lot of searches. For a site like Instagram I have see publishers use more than 5-6 tags.
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    I always add between 20-30 hashtags to my posts. I have them saved in excel spreadsheet sorted by niche and category (about 10 in each), then i copy and paste these into my comments (on Instagram).
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    It's easy to use hashtags. But it's use difficult because if you use over on your post. then it will be a spamming post.
    Have a nice time.
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    The #hashtags are for the particular keyword. The hashtag is mainly used to make the keyword searchable by the others and the keywords are also get indexed when it is use with hashtag.
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  • I recommend you to try to rank on small hashtags in the beginning (100k - 1m posts). You have more chance to rank on these because it require less engagement
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    Dont use too many hashtags. You should use only the proper hashtags so that you can able to get focused correctly. If you use more hashtags in your posts then surely you have a chance of getting spammed. So you should be careful while using too many hashtags.
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    Maybe this is the best silly question I have ever seen on warrior forum. I'm flattered.
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    # [Hashtag] tag has been used for trending the topics on social media platform Like Twitter, Facebook etc..
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    Using hashtags are same for all the social media. But while using the hashtags you should be careful and use the tags efficiently. Dont use too many hashtags because it may lead to ban your account. The hashtag can be used to make your post spread all over the platform.
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    Hashtags are one of the best thing over social media. Using hashtags can make you famous among the social networks. So, you must be conscious about hashtags while using them. You can use hashtags to mention anything.
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    I would like to suggest you some of the best tools to search hashtags :
    1. Hashtagify
    2. HootSuite
    4. TINT
    6. Talkwalker
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    yes it is a nice way to do it
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