How can I see a continuous increase in followers?

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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, been the Social Media Manager for a sex toy company for about a year now, don't judge, it's a good paying job. We've seen a significant increase in followers and especially sales since I took over, but my boss is not happy when we see a total weekly growth of less than 2% which unfortunately happens quite often and I just can't figure out another direction I can take.

Our usual posts are banners and captioned images (all created by me as well) along with any giveaways or sales we have going on. In case you don't know, a captioned image is just a sexy photo with a short 1-6 sentence erotic story involving a product of ours, which our followers really love. Along with our normal posts we offer contests/giveaways, we host sales,, we find users with many followers and offer them our product for free to do a review and/or post photos or videos.

The social platforms we are on are Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, along with a bunch of related forums and Reddit as well. We advertise (paid) on Pornhub, Reddit (in the appropriate subreddits), Google, and Bing.
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    Have you tried animated ads?
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      I have tried a couple different GIFs but once they get posted they only show a single frame for some reason. It could be because my low knowledge of them and because I'm using a simple website for it.
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    Have you tried social exchange sites like

    They allow you to get Twitter followers and a lot of other social networks in exchange for liking others. Not sure how they are about Adult products but they are new so I'd go for it. Other good sites:
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      Never heard of them but I will definitely take a look, thank you!
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    3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Social Media Followers

    1. Share the Love
    2. Follow Others
    3. Hide Facebook Trolls
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    You use almost all high DA sites, so in this case you can post your content beside your works with pinterest which is works really well. You can run some ppc which can give you a lots of traffic and clients. Adsense also works well for banner ads.
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      Would you mind going a little into what Adsense and PPC is? Pinterest is a great, thank you!
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    Hi TooMuchToDo,

    No judgments at all buddy Whatever floats your boat.

    As for something called "money" it has no bearing on the job and whether it is good; if you love what you do, it is a good job. If not, it is a bad job. That's my bizarre take on life LOL.

    Give freely to receive easily my friend.

    If you crave a continuous increase in followers:

    - Retweet other Tweeters freely; promote other folks 5 to 10 times as much as you promote your tweets on the platform
    - help folks get followers by advising your followers to follow them; trusted people with valuable tweets, of course
    - spend 20 to 30 minutes daily engaging your retweeters and chatters 1 to 1, in personalized, genuine tweets
    - focus 100% on helping humans and 0% of increasing numbers, and this level of detachment moves you into actions aligned with the prior 3 steps, boosting your follower count

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Try collaborating to bloggers, influencers or brands.
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  • Of course, you can always purchase a bot plugin and get waves of crappy, fake or unrelated visitors, but it's not recommended. Engage with others and they'll start engaging with you. Finding related FB pages and start offering genuine, real and honest information without spamming. This will give you valuable engagement right back.

    Of course this will take time, but recommended for the long-term.

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    If it pays the bills and it pays good then all is well. You seem to be utilizing the needed things for growth and you are on the right track. One thing you can also consider in doing cross collaborations with influencers, bloggers, brands and business.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    I suggest you check your followers every day, if you want to have more followers, you can do many ways on how to grow your followers and of course, together with it is your increase of likes, comments, and shares. If you want tips, just search online there are lots of fast and easy tips on how to grow followers.
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    Identify your audience.
    Identify your hashtags.
    Regularly post quality content.
    Cross promote with companies that have a similar audience.
    Think of Twitter as you attending a conference where you get to give a handshake to everyone and converse with them quickly. The major difference between the two networks is the way information is passed. According to these results, Facebook is the third most-popular social network among teens, after Facebook's photo sharing app Instagram, used by 76% of the 7,200 U.S. students surveyed, and Twitter (59%).
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    Ohhh. It's hard for your niche. I think the best way for you is to ask bloggers. It has to be bloggers connected with your niche. However, there are a small amount of bloggers who can agree to promote your products.
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    I would its difficult for your niche. But if you can, find influencers or website owners who are similar to your niche and do a cross promotion. That might help
    Personal Development Solo Ads That Converts
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    1. Understand your audience. The first thing you need to identify is who your target audience is. ...
    2. Produce valuable content. ...
    3. Engage. ...
    4. Use hashtags. ...
    5. Be consistent. ...
    6. Run competitions. ...
    7. Tag other people and pages. ...
    8. Use analytics.
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    I think it's people, not robot. Their life is not only all about or in social media sites.

    Some days you'll see spikes n some won't be like that

    Your question is about how to get more of new followers continually , the answer is get viral n engage your current followers so they'll do the viral stuff for you

    not you doing it yourself.

    Prepare good engaging content, that's the job for your company to do it in social media

    ur job maybe is to reply, like, tell those people/ followers you have
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    Collaboration is the key. Let people know that you exist and share your expertise. They will follow you if you put in enough work.
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    I'm the most familiar with Instagram growth, and one thing I can say for sure. Making your posts intriguing enough (extremely visually attractive), is the main factor in getting more posts views and consequently followers. As you seek for engagement and more followers, give some from your side, chances are the people on IG will give you back. Also, Fuelgram is the great tool for boosting your IG presence as it gets you real likes and comments from people belonging to your niche. This positively affects the number of followers (I've used it personally so I can confirm), so maybe you should consider that service when it comes to Instagram.
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    My simple solution is to get connected and build relationships with a group of people who are interested in your niche.

    Rather than just random advertising and content sharing which is pretty much what most others and even I do when getting started online.

    Because that at the end of the day, it boils down to whether people know, like and trust you that ultimately determines whether or not they buy from you.

    Be it other people's products you are helping to promote as affiliate or your own.
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    Tumblr is dead. Instagram is a goldmine. Be creative in terms of content and use Fuelgram to boost engagement from relevant people.
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    You can connect with your followers or you can collaborate with some influencers
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    There are several tools available online that allows you to increase your followers instantly on your social media accounts.

    I have also used one (forgot the name) for increasing the followers on my Facebook. I got positive results and my followers instantly reached beyond 10k, but after a day or two, Facebook blocked my account and I couldn't recover it again. So, this is a major problem you can face if you use any such tool for increasing the followers.
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  • I think you should present a better content for the competition with your competitors. Then your traffic may increase.
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    There is advice on how to grow followings, on relevant FaceBook Groups, such as some of the ones with the word "influencers".

    HUGE Affiliate Opportunity! VideoBootstrappingMasterclass: 100% commission (paid in as little as 3 days), ideal for SEO, Video-marketing, MMO/IM audiences. For details:Click here for our Partner JV Page.
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    I can give you a piece of advice on how to increase twitter followers with a free tool with roughly 50 per day. Check the free Social Media Management tool at the end and it can help you with things like Post Schedules, Instant Posts and connecting all your social media accounts in 1.
    1. First download Twitter Mass Follower/Unfollower Chrome extension.
    2. Next target Sex/Erotic Twitter accounts.
    3. Click on their followers and follow them. Twitter puts a limit of 1000 followers per day and around 5-10% will follow you back.
    4. Clean people you follow but they don't follow you back on every 3 days. Click on your followers and mass unfollow everyone EXCEPT THOSE FOLLOWING YOU. You can find this setting in the Chrome Extension Options.

    Link to the extension here
    Additionally, Extension for Retweets and Likes for increasing engagement.
    Also, Social Media Management platform
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    Sure, you can always purchase a bot plugin and get waves of crappy, fake or unrelated visitors, but that not recommended. Engage with others and they'll start engaging with you. Finding related facobook pages and start offering genuine, real and honest information without spamming. This will give you valuable engagement right back.
    You can do it easily.
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    Have you tried with influencers or online bloggers? You can get valuable engagement.
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    while reading we often see somebody saying - facebook is dead, something else is dead. But still others are using it and getting benefits. why ? i always wonders Perhaps because they have got the nack of using those platform in right manners. and therre lies the crux of the matter - efficient management of various social networks.
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    To increase continuous followers, you need to do promotion on various social exchange sites like AddmeFast, Youlikehits, Linkcolider etc.
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