Likes are going down on instagram

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I have been uploading to instagram for the last 1 1/2 years.

After a steady gain of followers i am currently at 4600.

I post product sketches, wich got me around 200+ likes, and somethimes even 300+.
2 or 3 months ago, there was a decrease in likes. Now I only get 100+ likes if i am lucky,
while my work is improving.

The strange thing is that i still get followers like always, a steady 10 followers every post.

what I do when i post:

- use hashtags
- try to engage with my followers what the think about a certain topic
- try to keep de text as small as possible so it doesn't get boring
- react to comments within 1 hour (if there are any..)
- Use instagram story

So i am wondering what i am doing wrong.

My instagram: steven_de_groot
If someone sees something that i can improve or that i am doing wrong i would be very thankfull!

With kind regards.

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    Well, your product is something technically, it's not really common to many people, this is why it has less likes.
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  • Here are Some Step You Can Use and You Can Get More Subcribers

    1. Take high-quality photos
    2. Use a consistent filter scheme
    3. Share posts on other platforms
    4. Use local hashtags
    5. Use popular hashtags

    Thank You
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    This sometimes happens. Have you tried using IG bots? They helped many of my friends. You could accumulate real followers of your target audience and likes.
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    Apparently you have become less active. If you keep constant activity, the traffic will not decrease. If you can not keep track of this and keep yourself active, then just try using bots. You do not even have to do anything manually.
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  • Be active on Insta and keep posting new stuffs. Thats the simple trick I believe.
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    The best way Steve to increase your Likes is what I call the AO approach on IG: Active Organic

    Meaning, you actively build genuine, organic friendships by:

    - Liking updates related to your niche
    - Following people related to your niche
    - Comment on updates related to your niche

    This approach works 100% of the time, every time, and even kicks in results-wise within freaking hours, versus the days or weeks we often patiently wait through, using this fool proof approach on other social sites.

    The downside to the approach is doing this thing called OPW: Off Profile Work LOL....I know, it stinks because IG and other social sites made it kinda easy to do 100% of work from your profile, with simple hashtag usage, longer, meaty updates, keyword drops and eye-popping images being chief factors. Alas, like Google and Facebook, either you pay money to keep using this approach or get off profile, network, help other folks, put in the time, and do it the right way.

    Happy IGing dude

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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