Setting an "optimal" daily target audience number in a facebook ad

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I am starting with facebook ads. I have read in at least three posts that the "optimal" daily target audience is between 500,000 and a million. I am selling books. Not really the point but I followed a number of author posts and added several well known authors to the interests section. I found that the top of end of the daily target audience did not go above 7000 along with a 25-65 age range, living in the US and English US no matter how many authors and interests I added.

I followed a facebook post and tried to used the "narrow audience" link to try to create "and" conditions. I still couldn't go above 7000. Finally I tried using the "and" condition in the targeting screen. No matter what I did I couldn't increase the daily target audience size significantly.

I'm not certain if I should be looking at "potential reach" but I doubt it. I have read quite a few articles and if I've misunderstood them, I apologize for wasting people's time :-). However I would like some guidance as to how to raise my daily target audience; I'm obviously missing something. Any help would be appreciated.

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    If you don't have your own audience you can clone (create a lookalike), I would get the audience as narrow as possible to start. First, you have to figure out if your books are going to sell.

    You have to spend a lot less money in a smaller audience figuring out if it's the right offer for them. If the smaller audience doesn't work initially, you can move on to the next audience or you can retool the offer.

    Smaller is definitely better when you're starting out of Facebook - especially for new offers that aren't proven yet.
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