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Hi all,

First of all i'm new to the forum so hi!
I would like to look into affiate marketing on instagram anybody has axperience with this?

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    Make friends with other IG users by Liking their updates and by commenting on their updates. Then as you promote your offering, and as your friend network grows, you gain traction.

    Sponsored/paid options exist for marketing on IG but this organic method creates lasting affiliate sales, and increasing sales at that.
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      That's a great tip to the start with
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    Hello, I'm interested in this question for my website too) Let me know if you find some tip Although it all depends on the product that you offer and the market on which you offer this product. Perhaps it would be more appropriate not instagram but facebook or youtube.
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    Instagram is all about visuals. If you're going to use this platform for your affiliate marketing (or in general, really), then you're going to want to start learning everything you can about photography and how to shoot quality images for your feed. The only way to see success is by having a beautifully curated Instagram feed.

    That being said, it can be one of the best platforms to make affiliate sales, because people can actually see you using/wearing what you're selling.

    The tool (owned by rewardStyle) capitalized on just that, and has created a pretty neat affiliate marketing program for Instagram. It's application/invite-only, meaning you have to apply and be accepted for their program (which can take months), but if you get in, it is well worth it. It was originally created for fashion bloggers, but now has branched out to several different types of content:
    When you use, you're able to tag the products in each of your photos. Anyone who has signed up to receive notifications will receive an email with each of the products and a link to buy it. And because is a "subaffiliate network," they work directly with the brands and you don't have to worry about disclosures on your posts.

    Now this shouldn't be the only way you do affiliate marketing on Instagram, and if your blog doesn't fall under one of the above content topics, you might not even be able to use this tool for your affiliate marketing on Instagram.

    Other methods include promoting products for companies with which you have a direct affiliate relationship with, rather than through a third-party like In this case, you would definitely have to include a disclosure.

    Because Instagram doesn't allow you to include links in your actual post, you also want to use affiliate links on this platform sparingly. If you have more than 10k followers, you could include a swipe up link on your Instagram Story, or you can swap out your profile link temporarily.

    The main 4 rules are:
    1: Focus on quality.
    2: Always disclose.
    3: Remember the 80:20 ratio.
    4: Don't be promotional; be natural.

    These tips will help you for sure.
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    Affiliate marketing on Instagram is a good idea. You can surely go with that. If you want to know about this then i have given the simple 9 methods through which you can use Instagram for affiliate marketing. The methods are:
    1. Create a page on your website to shop your Instagram and include it in your Instagram bio
    2. Utilise coupon codes
    3. You don't always have to make selling products a focus point
    4. Shoot your own images
    5. Use Instagram stories to highlight the brand you're working with
    6. Work on a niche and use Instagram to bolster your community
    7. Create a blog post that works alongside your Instagram post
    8. Run sponsored posts to boost your sales
    9. Run paid search and direct it to your Instagram page or post
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    Using instagram for affiliate marketing is great idea only but you should be careful while getting into the process. Dont use too many promotions in your account. Try to make your account naturally.
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    The only way I would do affiliate marketing on facebook is by making a regular post and directing them to a link you would only put in the first comment below the post. I would also make sure it's a purchased domain that's redirected to your offer
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    Affiliate marketing is like you have to advertise others product, if the product is being sell then you will get some commission on sold product. So need to make more audience on Instagram then start your desired campaign.
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    I have seen a lot of instagrammers promote a lot of cpa related stuff lately. It's definitely possible by using the right hashtags and promoting the right offers which suits the Instagram audience.
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  • The most important thing you can do is - You just have to be very active on social media and make as many friends as you can and rest your work is done automatically.
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  • Hi,
    Social Media is a great platform to drive traffic to your website. Instagram is a wonderful medium with about 700 million users who are active. Many people are getting traffic through instagram. There are many ways to use Instagram for affiliate marketing. Now Instagram business has launched. Decide your target audience and follow them on Instagram. let them know about the products or services that you sell. Be active and regularly engage with your audience. You will have access to many accounts with good number of followers who will be willing to sell your products with their audience.
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    Affiliate marketing on instagram is really easy if you follow these four strategies.
    They are :
    Link to an affiliate product or service
    Link to a website or blog
    Link to a landing page
    Link to a page containing multiple links to direct traffic
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