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I want to start marketing to LI connections, but I don't have very many connections. I know there are apps that can automate that process, but for right now, I want to build/make connections manually. How many manual connection requests can I make per day without getting LI's panties in a wad? I don't want to create multiple profiles, I just want to add connections to my primary LI profile and don't want to get that profile shut down.

How many can I add per day or week?

I'm wanting to add people whose title is "restaurant manager" and "restaurant owner".

Thanks in advance!
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    Here is how you market effectively on LinkedIn; join groups related to your niche, generously share information for free, attract business to you. This is the loving approach where you patiently help people and actually make money on the network.

    Here is how you do NOT market on LinkedIn; marketing *AT* folks, pitching your business, opening multiple profiles. This is the fear approach which totally ruins your rep and business.
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    The answer lies more in rejected invitations and "I don't know this person" clicks than invitations. That's what gets you in trouble. You also don't want more than about 2,000 pending invitations. I know many people send out 100 per day without any issues, but that's with very high quality connection request messaging. I've manually sent out more than 300 in a day without any issues - with high acceptance rates.
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