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Hey, I have a question:

When wanting to appeal to sponsorship and monetization of the youtube channel, what should have more weight: the figure of average video popularity OR its total volume of views?

We have a moderately successful youtube channel. But we are considering going into paid promotions, monetization and sponsorship in a big way. But some of our staff are saying that it is better to split the Youtube brand into two or more channels, and create one for the new, promoted, more popular videos, which will appeal for sponsors, and separate that content from our existing library of youtube videos on the existing channel. There are many old videos but they have only modest traffic. Some are also saying its better to split off our non-English language videos (e.g. French) to their own channel, and not keep them all mixed in one channel.

I believe it is always better to keep all the content on one channel, so as to present the highest volume of views per channel and highest frequency of new content possible, for widest SEO impact. If we split our content several channels, each of them will have a lower posting frequency, less total volume of views, and less SEO "footprint". Is this right?

if we keep it all in one channel - high performing videos and low ones, is it true that having many low popularity videos on your channel, might hurt the prospects of sponsorship or monetization, and its better to remove them into a separate channel, so that your other channel for sponsorship can show only high performing videos?

Many thanks for reading.
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    Hi Ourtube,

    To be considered for the YouTube Partner Program where your channel can be considered for sponsorship and monetization (and I'm assuming that you're referring to the Adsense revenue), you require to maintain annual figures of at least 10,000 views and 4,000 hours worth of viewing.

    Without knowing what business sector you are involved with, it's not possible to offer an opinion on whether you should set up one or more new channels.

    However, if you do decide to set up new channels, you can keep the videos all on the original channel to maintain the total number of views etc., whilst for the new channel(s) you can take the .mp4 files of those videos you deem to be under-optimised in whatever way, and edit them so that you effectively create new videos.

    You can then upload these "new" videos and optimise them properly, add thumbnail images to them and so on, and get your new channel(s) up and running quite quickly.

    If you do decide to keep all the videos on one channel, then you can re-optimise those videos that you regard as poor or low performing by adding in, again, strong thumbnail images, cards, end screens, relevant tags/keywords, a description and so on.

    Then, share these videos on your social media platforms to drive traffic back to your YouTube channel.

    Regarding the French-speaking videos, there is software you can employ to translate from one language to another, thereby widening your scope of reaching more viewers. It saves having to set up a new French-speaking YouTube channel, unless there are other commercial/business reasons for doing so.

    Finally, when it comes to deciding whether to set up a new channel or not, it should be looked at from a business/branding perspective rather than view-count etc., otherwise you'll effectively be dictated to by the requirements of the features of the YouTube platform rather than from a solid commercial viewpoint.

    If your videos provide great content for a target audience that you are helping to solve problems for, and you optimise the videos properly, you will likely generate the views and watch-time to satisfy the YouTube parameters for sponsorship and Adsense/monetisation purposes, anyway.

    Hope that helps.
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