Instant Fix Instagram Shadow Ban (seriously and its so simple lol)

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Let me start off by telling you how I was shadow banned (there were 2 reasons).
  1. I was using an online service to schedule my IG posts, and one day it decided to post all 50 of my posts simultaneously. After removing the posts, my engagement slowed to a crawl (although I was still showing up for some hashtags)
  2. (This one was the final nail in the coffin)...some asshat screwed me by marking my brand hashtag as "inappropriate" after another user posted a picture of a half-naked chick using my brand hashtag

Moving on...

After I tried everything I found on the internet and waiting over a month with zero signs of any light at the end of the tunnel...I gave in and created a NEW account FML.

Note: Of course creating the new account and starting over fresh would essentially fix your shadow ban...but I wouldn't make this post if that was my ultimate solution (unless I just felt like wasting everyone's time lol)

So what did I do???

1. Created a new IG account with a similar username
2. I logged back into my account that was shadow banned and added a 001 to the end of the username
3. Then I logged back into my NEW account and assigned it username from my old account
4. I then posted a few images using the NEW account (they all showed up for hashtags and received regular engagement)


1. Out of pure curiosity, I changed the name of my NEW account by adding a 002 to the end of the username
2. I then logged back into my OLD shadowbanned account and changed it back to its original username
3. I made a (2) new posts and checked to see if they showed up for the selected hashtags.....
BOOM - they were all there, and the account has been growing ever since (about 3 weeks ago from the date of this post).

******IMPORTANT NOTE: If you think your account has been shadow banned due to some bad hashtags MAKE SURE (while your shadow banned acct has its name changed) you log in and remove all hashtags from each of your posts! ****************************

---That's it -----
1. Create new account
2. Rename old shadowbanned account
3. Rename new account with your old username
4. Log into shadowbanned account and remove hashtags from all of your posts
5. Log into the new account and make a few posts
6. Confirm that the shadow ban did not follow the username to your new account (check to make sure they appear for their hashtags under recent)
7. Once confirmed - change the username of your new account
8. Reassign your old username to your original account
9. Make 1 or 2 posts with quality 5 popular hashtags
10. Check to see if the posts are showing up for the hashtags under the recent tab

***Disclaimer: Instagram is Instagram, and we all know they operate entirely different than any other social site on the web. So with that said, I cannot guarantee that this will 100% work for everyone - BUT - it did work for me, and this method is something that NOBODY has been talking about (at least that I have seen up to this point).

Comment below if you try this and share your results with the community!!!

***Note: I removed the IG page referenced - received 100's of DM's from people offering their SEO & Social Media Services***
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    Dear Mate,

    I have many more ideas for your business.

    Let's have a discussion for your business.

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    How do you know when you're shadowbanned though?
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      Because I am social media expert from the last 10+ years and managing the team of 120+ expert.

      So We can discuss and can surely increase your business as upgraded version.
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      If you are a crazy person like me, who spends 2 hrs checking the ranking for each hashtag after each of my'll first notice zero engagement from your selected hashtags.

      Also, if you search for your selected hashtags immediately after you make a new post and do not see your post in the "RECENT" very well may be shadowbanned.


      Originally Posted by sebastya View Post

      How do you know when you're shadowbanned though?
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      For sure, I agree with you 100%!

      Although, there needs to be more clarification on the different types of shadowbans/warnings for different types of platform infractions.

      They should also have account reviews OR at least offer up some sort of insight into WHY your account has been penalized.

      Hell, even Google provides you with possible reasons why you are being sandboxed/penalized within their Google Search Console.

      I think these simple clarifications would actually reduce the abuse of the platform (to an extent).


      Originally Posted by Lamiasha View Post

      Wow.. It sounds like you've made a great job! And it proves that all social networks have loopholes and there are ways out of different situations. At the same time it proves that social networks are not reliable as you can avoid a shadow ban so simple.
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    I tried what you said but still my posts are not showing up in hashtags!!
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    The easiest way to avoid any IG fan; be genuine. Like updates and comment on updates genuinely. Be patient. Avoid bans, and also, grow your business through the platform.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Shadowbanning on Instagram is an urban myth. You either get a full ban or nothing. No grey area.
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    It is very cool. for the first time I see that you can get a ban in this way.
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    What helped me was just leave Instagram alone for a couple of days.

    Don't post anything, don't drop comments and don't like pictures.

    Then slowly start to like and comment on pictures and after some days start uploading images.

    After a while it was fixed.
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    Shadow bans are annoying, has happened to me before but with a different kind of page.

    I had to change the name and post less every now and then. Removed the ban because I could tell by the likes I had on the images.
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