The Instagram funnel: How long should I wait?

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I've been building an my presence on Instagram for a little over 6 months already and it's steadily growing. But I still have a long way to go before I can consider myself successful.

The road to monetization on this popular platform is very well paved and the traffic is only increasing. There is almost no niche that you can't find here. It is easily becoming one of the best ways to make money online.

We all understand that it is merely the front end of this funnel though, as there are many other platforms, apps and services that offer the same (if not better) opportunities. And they can all be used to channel traffic down to your main destination, especially if you learn to effectively use them together. But for now, I'm only focused on the one.

I have 3 Instagram pages for 3 different niches. And after 6 months of working them all, I've noticed increase interactions and natural interest in my content. But I still don't have a product at the end of any of them. I'm still in my observation/building phase and I could use some opinions.

Do you think I'm taking to long to monetize? To be honest, my best page has about 900 natural followers. I get an average of 180 likes and 3 comments per post. I want to start adding my products but I don't want to push my followers away by them thinking that I'm just another internet marketer.

I've noticed a few accounts in the same niche who have thousands of followers. But their posts get very few likes and almost no comments. Yet they continue to push their product page in their profile and in DMs. This is not the image that I not want for my accounts. I want to sell my products out of branding and loyalty.

I plan to start adding my products soon (In 3 months max). As of right now, I'm focused on building my brand. But when I launch my products, I'll be more focused on least in the beginning.

Any ideas on how to go about this? How could I implement my products without sounding like a telemarketer? How many followers should I wait to have before launching my campaign?

The products will be clothing and memorabilia (and maybe giveaways or monthly subscription packages)

DM me if you want to take a look at the Instagram account that I plan on doing this with to give you a better idea.
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