100 Hashtags-based likes a day - waisting time or chance for building a following?

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Hello Warriors,

That's a very quick and narrowed -down question. I've been running 2 IG accounts recently on behalf of a friend who has a start-up. We don't really focus on IG so we are trying all possible ways to leverage 80-20% rule and do the bare minimum to keep our following growing.

So what I do is basically following our business related hashtags that are adjusted to the size of our account(s). I just to through the feed and like 100 posts every day.

I havent reallty measured it exactly but by the looks of it, the account is not growing due to that. There's a lot misinformation and I actually heard this tip somewhere on Youtube (maybe based on the old algo).

On the top of that, I gotta say that our content isn't anything special (mainly office, work&travel and "hustle-related" stuff).

The question is simple:

Am I waisting my time or can it actually help building a following long term?

Thanks a lot.
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    Do you also comment? Likes are nice, but actual human interaction might be better. Nothing generic, nothing spammy. I know you said you're not trying to do much with IG, but just liking sounds like it is wasting your time. Just wondering.
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