Resources on learning to make money with facebook groups?

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Hi everyone.

There was a course a was very interested recently that was all about starting a facebook group and providing value and growing it to make a nice amount of money. I missed out in the course but I find myself presented with a very good opportunity (and a market) to start a group in a specific niche of something Im already interested in.

I was wondering if anyone know of any courses (free or paid) that teach about this method? I mean by starting a group from scratch and having it generate a good income (by having good content not spamming groups).

Any info would be appreciated. I plan to start a group while I have this opportunity in this niche available to me.--I can already provide some value and make it worth joining. I was thinking about growing it and then starting a premium group for more in depth content.
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    you could check out the digitalmarketer blog and resources.
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    Create an FB group and increase your trust with about yourself. Get post firstly and pin-up your important post. And finally share your group to targeted audience. Give that permission different FB account and post frequently and invite also others friends that will be very helpful for them.
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    I would check out Arne Giske's Millennial Entrepreneur Community, personally have been a member of the group since it first started and it has grown to over 70,000+ Members. He has quite a bit of free content around Facebook Group Marketing that you may find value from.
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    Make a fb group and have a link to it handy to copy and paste when you market the group to people to get them to join. Telll then to join for your live training.
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    You can check out the nomad brad on youtube. They've got specific facebook group training there.

    There is also a $10 or something course that you can get called "snowball traffic", that goes into how to get targeted people into a group of yours, using instagram. If you wish, i can pm the course over to you.

    So if you use both the instagram strategy, as well as having a free gifts on your facebook group and good content inside of it, you can create a engaged following, which you should be able to monitize
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