How do People Feel about Josh King's (@Jetsetfly) Social Media Experiment?

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Hey everyone,

For those of you who follow Josh King on IG (@Jetsetfly), how do you feel about his social experiment "The Omega Experiment"?

For those who don't know about it, it may be worth checking out. He's making it into a short documentary.

Essentially, he's a baller IM'er with very successful business ventures. He's in his early 20's. He has over 250K followers on IG. Rides private jets. Drives the exotic cars. Owns the mansions etc. He also shares stages with the top influencers in the game.

He basically faked his own downfall on social media. He faked going bankrupt and losing everything practically overnight. He had his team help him with the posts and videos ...and the DRAMA.

Total chaos ensued over a few days last week. I mean T.O.T.A.L C.H.A.O.S.

He was planning to tell the whole story tomorrow (Sunday) and "out" those involved who contributed to his fall.

However, he had to come clean today and stop the experiment early. He lost control of the experiment and things happened that he didn't foresee coming, and sh*t became too real. His IGTV post about coming clean is 25 minutes long, but a good watch.

I get why he wanted to do the experiment. I think I know what he was hoping to accomplish. Unfortunately, when you're that big in social media, playing these kind of games can have serious consequences that no one can predict coming.

There is going to be a lot more coming out about this in the coming days, but I'm curious how you feel about it.

Before commenting, please let us know if you follow Josh and/or have seen the experiment unfold from the beginning....AND if you watched his 25 minute explanation of the experiment and why it didn't go exactly as planned.

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