How to fix a simple funnel?

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I have a coaching business that has dried up a bit, so I want to get customers using a simple funnel that involves (1) getting cold traffic from Facebook and/or Google to a landing page on my website. There they need to (2) sign up for a webinar that tries to persuade them to (3) book a free call.

However I'm running into a few problems, so any suggestions on how to solve this are very helpful:
1. CTR is very low. Not sure what the industry benchmark is in FB ads, bit I'm assuming that 0,4% CTR is unacceptably low. I'm targeting a fairly large audience of around 750k because when I had an ad for a smaller audience (40k people) no one was clicking.
2. The people who click are not signing up for the webinar.

So something truly wrong. Where do I start to fix this?

I should mention that I don't have a large budget. I need to get a customer within the first 275 euro ad spend (of which 50 is already gone).

Any help is much appreciated!
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    I don't think Facebook is your audience.
    Have you tried building out a Linked-In presence and running ads there?
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      Originally Posted by troy23 View Post

      I don't think Facebook is your audience.
      Have you tried building out a Linked-In presence and running ads there?
      Thanks for the tip @troy23. I might have better qualified traffic with Google Display Network instead of Facebook.

      I haven't advertised on LinkedIn yet, because I wanted to make sure the page converts before buying expensive LinkedIn traffic.

      As for LinkedIn organic, I'm posting once in a while, but need to do more and better quality in order to attract organic leads.

      But as I mentioned, I wanted to know if I can build a page that converts. And it appears that I haven't figured out yet what the missing piece of the puzzle it is.
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    There is a simple solution that you can try. You can build a an attractive FB fan page around your niche. Share high quality and beneficial to garner like and trust. Then do in depth research using tools such as Audience Insight and target other marketers who are selling the similar stuff. Then , model your landing page after their landing page. Then make sure, you insert retargeting pixel in your landing page. Then you can follow up with sponsored chatbot messenger ads.
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