Instagram just launched a new messaging app

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Instagram just announced today a new standalone app called "Threads" which is meant to be a "Camera-First" Direct Messaging App for your close friends. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think they'll be able to replicate the same success they had with Facebook Messenger but for Instagram?

They had launched another messaging app for Instagram back in 2017 called "Direct" but coincidentally, they shut that down this year.

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    nice information,
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    A nice update of Instagram for messaging. Usually, Instagram keeps update for its users and this update for Instagram Threads looks good but just waiting for this feature to use.
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      Originally Posted by msulcs View Post

      I don't care about new stuff like this unless there's a way to profit from it. Any ideas?
      It's still early but I assume they will be moving this app into the same direction as WhatsApp and Messenger, where they will monetize via ads. This could potentially lead to Messenger Bots with Instagram, which could be a really interesting feature.

      There's a software called Direct Heroes and they're doing early testing with Instagram Chatbots, so there could be opportunity to build funnels there.
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    waiting for the grand launch! let's wait and see!
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    Let's see if it's gonna go down the drain similar to "Direct". To really test if this works, Instagram should've conducted a limited-user test before rolling out to the general public. But then...
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    thanks for this informations
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    i see this app
    good nice activity !!
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    Great for close friends chat app with auto status!!! Good
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    Yes, right it is an easy application to connect with close friends.
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    Yes! Thanks for sharing this information. I have also heard that there will be an additional option in this app to turn on "auto-status," which will allow the Threads to automatically update your status using your device's battery life, the real-time location, and the network connection.
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