Facebook Audience Insights showing blank page

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Facebook Audience Insights showing blank page when I click its link from Business Manage on upper left area.

Would be thankful if anyone could advise solution for this.



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    I'm seeing the exact same thing. I've used multiple browsers and different computers, yet I always get a blank page. I cleaned cache and browser history, turned VPN off, turned it on, but no difference.

    Audience Insight doesn't even work on my phone.

    I've also recently experienced this "blank page" phenomenon when I've tried to create FB ads. I never found a solution to this either. I haven't checked to see if this is working today, but I'd like to find a solution.

    I wish I could help, but maybe someone else can give some idea of what's going on?

    BTW, is there anyway to contact an actual person for Facebook Support?
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    Hi jrodefeld,

    Thanks. Mine started working after I reported problem from Facebook Audience Insights Page. But cannot see results

    Best regards,

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    check the app permissions in business manager
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