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I'm a noob with FB Groups.

Just wondering if something posted in a private group is visible on my regular personal timeline and vica-versa?

I would image also people in the group couldn't see my personal profile unless I made it public?
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    You can make it to where only you can see some stuff or only you and your friends can or friends and friends of friends or public but each post gives you the option to let who ever you want see whatever you wantv
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    I am fairly sure that content posted in a private Group is not visible on your regular personal timeline.

    There are FB Groups for FB Group admins . . . ask there to be sure

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    Things posted in private groups will not appear in your profile or Timeline. Don't worry about that.
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    Content posted in a private group will not be visible on your Facebook feed.
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    Apparently it does not work that way. What you post in a private gropup remains in the group. It does not show up in your rimeline. If you are trying to hide it from your friends then they will not see what you have posted int the group unless someone invtes them to the group or they join it on their
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    if you are posting in the group then it will stay in group only rest of your frnds will not be able to see that unless they join that grp
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    Anyone can find the group, see the members and all the publications. Closed: Anyone can find the group and see who the admin is. However, only members can see what happens in it and the publications. Secret: Only members of the group can find it and see the content
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    I post in Facebook groups all the time. My friends and family don't see those posts and replies unless they are in that group too.

    Groups are also a great source of information and research too. Hope that helps.
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    if you shared in a private group, don't worry it will not appear in your Timeline
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    I would be checking it. FB does have settings but not sure they always work.

    Sometimes I visit a profile and see all their photos and that is something you could have shared in a group only.
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