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Anyone have experience managing other business's social media pages?
i have an Email list of small businesses and i would like to know how i can convince them to buy my service and why they should.
what ever experience you have in this field i would love to know about it.

Thank you
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    If you don't know why they should buy your services, then you're going to have a hard time trying to convince them as to why they should hire you.

    Figure out what you bring to the table. What makes your services different?

    Do you have proof of results?

    Do you have a page of your own to show them what you've been able to accomplish?

    Whenever you offer your services you must figure out what your target businesses need and how your services can help them.

    Spend some time figuring what YOU can offer and how it can help them.
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    Hi Zack, have you got a social strategy with results (that you would use for these clients?) Also, how exactly are you contacting them just via emails? Are you planning to email them all individually or have you invested in email tools such as Mailchimp?(to keep all contacts together and send the same email to all). After you ask yourself these questions, we can now focus on the 'pitch' if thats what we want to call it. Try and keep it simple without pushing potential leads away. If you have not contacted these people before you need to start off easy. Introduce yourself, talk about the business, explain the service, show some results or previous projects, add some reviews in if you have any(or display these elsewhere). The last thing you want it to sound extremely promotional on the first email; they could unsubscribe or block. Drop in any of your social pages etc for people to have a look at, add some links and then monitor the data from the emails. By this I mean monitor open rates, unsubs and link clicks. You can do all of this via Mailchimp. This will help you identify anyone who seems interested. Then, you can push out another email that is more targeted and work based. Hope this makes sense! Go slow and easy, do not be pushy too soon.
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