Utilising hashtags, is there a really good 'method'?

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We are really trying to grow our socials, especially Instagram. When it comes to hashtags we like to have a variety of sizes (in terms of posts per hashtag) and include some of our own. However, writing them all out is very time consuming and Im aware that its good to keep them in one place. Its also better to switch them up so the same ones are not used each post. After being aware of all of this, is there any hashtag tools that are good? Ive heard a few can give good hashtag suggestions and then is there tools to keep them all in a good place? We are just curious if anyone has their own method that works or if tools are worth it.

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    I usually take the most used hashtags in twitter posts, obviously hashtags relevant to my business. I also search for the most used hashtags in Facebook and Instagram before using.
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    I'm using keyword everywhere to get suggestion then use those as hashtags!
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    There are multiple ways suggested on the use if hashtags but I think you should experiment. Try using keywords with low volume, or try getting a mix between low volume high volume hashtags. Your content and headlines are got to be good because Instagram ranks post based on engagements .
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    Whenever I see any trending hashtags on Instagram, I use that in order to get more exposure to my posts. But, it rarely works.
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    Hashtags are a great way for exposure but I mainly use them for research like what is trending or what is more engaging etc.
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    You can use hashtags in order in your posts, for example, go from broader ones to extremely narrow /specific ones. You can also repeat some basic popular hashtags in all your posts which represent your niche. These two strategies will allow you understand and reach your audiences in a better way.
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    There is an app called hashatg.r that I use for my hashtags. It gives you a bunch of suggestions and all you have to do is click the hashtag to add it to your list. Saves me SO MUCH time.
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    Get better results if don't use ore than three at a time on Twitter for example
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    Hashtags can look like informational rubbish if there are dozens of them under the post, but using 3-5 clear-cut and close-knit hashtags is a must in social media marketing. But you must do it right. Carrying out a small research on that is not such a bad idea. You'll see what tags people use to refer to the same content and won't be mistaken. Plus popular blogs with multiple topics they cover can use schemes like # company name_topic so that dedicated readers would easily find relevant content.
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      Totally, makes sense. Do you have a method when researching?
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        Users below have mentioned software that can be used for the purpose. But basically it's always a good idea to look at your competitors.
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    There are softwares like ingramer or hashtag for likes which generate a good set of hashtags for high engagements. You will have to do a little research to find the one that suits you the most. Hashtag for likes helps you in finding the most popular hashtag and also tracks the post performance. You can give these a try.
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    yes its avery effective way to reach many people. its wise to use keywords as hashtags and related hashtags, you can find hashtags in tagfinder,
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