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I spent the last two days creating and "furnishing" my LinkedIn account to market my job search resources.

I now need to build connections. Are there LinkedIn tribe sites? I searched DuckDuckGo and the big G but didn't find any realistic sites. Plenty of buy followers, which I don't want to do.

Thanks for your feedback.
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    Definitely don't buy followers. That will achieve nothing.

    One method is to search LinkedIn for recruiters in your industry and send them a request to connect. Recruiters almost always approve such requests (because they are casting a wide net in their search for recruits).
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  • Yes, buying followers isn't a good way to go.
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    Buying useless followers will do nothing for you. If you really want to leverage the power of LinkedIn, you can use LinkedIn automation tools to help you find the right people that can be actually useful for your business.
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