How to create sharp banners for LinkedIn & Facebook Groups?

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Hey guys,

I designed a facebook group banner and a LinkedIn banner and both are very blurry after uploading it to the platform. I know many people have this problem - maybe here is someone who really figured out a solution.

On both there is text and logos on it. I tried different formats like png, jpg, png-8 and png-24. I tried to upload it from mobile and desktop. I tried to make the texts and logos bigger. But still the compression of especially LinkedIn destroys the banner. It looked the same everytime: blurry.

Does anyone here know a way to really have sharp and clear banner pictures on social media? If yes, I would be super grateful for any suggestion!

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    Check this out, it may or may not help.

    You should also check LinkedIn Docs in order to confirm how you should upload images, specs, and all that stuff that are related to banners and images.

    You may be uploading the wrong pixel size, format, or they may not be the size you think they are when you upload, and the images come out blurry....
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    why you're facing this issue??

    Make a high quality image then resize it before uploading. Hope it resolves the issue.
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    If your pictures are blurry, it's because you're using poor quality images. All you need to do is to make or upload a high-quality image. Resize it and upload it on your LinkedIn or Facebook groups. Hope it helps
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