Facebook just added public group discussions to News Feed

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Search Engine Journal reveals that Facebook is pushing out a number of updates for groups, and that extends to making public group conversations more visible to non-members. This particular test is due to start in a few months. Users will get to see Facebook Group discussions of interest if someone posts a link to or shares a post.

Via the Groups tab, users will be alerted to content from public groups if it correlates with their interests. The Groups tab will enable users to find and quickly join recommended groups, but that won't be compulsory in terms of joining in the conversation. Users will still get to engage while stopping short of joining up.

Facebook Group admins get to choose whether they either opt in or out of this test. That means groups will be able to stay public without necessarily being required to make content widely available to non-members.

More Tools for Facebook Groups Admins are Coming

We're nearly at the ten year anniversary of Facebook Groups. That - along with some other stuff - has prompted Facebook to gift more tools to those who sacrifice their time to moderate content within the communities. More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups each month, and there are millions of different communities. That's a lot of members to keep an eye on, so Admins are getting some extra options for dealing with it:

"Admins are at the heart of every community, whether they are Public or Private. In fact, there are more than 70 million people involved in building and running Facebook groups active in the past month."
Some might say that's taken a while, but here we go. Here's what admins will be getting:
  • Admin Assist: Lets admins select certain words or users and automatically exclude them. Great for repeat offenders.
  • New Topics: allows admins to organize content according to and create sticky topics. Great for rules and repeat questions.
  • Branded Content for Public Groups: allows admins to monetize their group by connecting with brands.
  • Community Management Certification: lets admins take an online course on how to build, grow and support online communities.

Facebook is also adding more group features that encourage engagement between members. There'll be a chat feature, prompts for conversations, you'll be able to customize your profile to feature anything about you that's relevant to the group, and admins will be able to host Q&As.

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    This feature is going to branch out to a large audience that is not aware of the topic but has been about it or something similar to the topic.....
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    The group members should be made of the test if the group admin is opting for it because some users might not want their posts to be visible to everyone.
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    "Facebook just added public group discussions to News Feed"

    Why, dear Lord, why?
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