Twitter Just Launched the Initial Rollout of New Spaces Tab in the Lower Function Bar

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that Twitter has announced the next stage of testing for its new dedicated Spaces tab in the app, with a small test pool of around 500 users on iOS set to see the new Spaces button appear in their app from today.

As you can see here, the Spaces tab will take up prime position in the middle of the lower function bar, putting increased focus on Spaces discovery, which is a key challenge for the app, because while anyone with over 600 followers can now create their own audio Space, and broadcast their thoughts around the world, in real-time, the true measure of success here will be how relevant these rooms are to each user, and the value they can add to the Twitter experience. This is from TechCrunch:

"Twitter says the tab will showcase the Spaces being hosted by people you follow, but these won't appear like they do on the Fleet line today at the top of the Timeline. Instead, the discovery tab will present Spaces in a more visual format, similar to the promotion cards that appear when you tweet about upcoming Spaces."
Twitter also likely needs to work out its algorithm matching to ensure that the most relevant Spaces are highlighted here - because if it doesn't rope you in, by highlighting Spaces of relevance, it could quickly become an entirely useless addition very quick. And Twitter won't want to take that risk, particularly when adding a new tab to the app, which is a big step for the app. The last time Twitter added an extra function tab was for Moments back in 2015, and it made a massive deal, at the time, about adding the extra button.
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