Facebook is now testing virtual reality ads in Oculus VR

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According to Marketing.org, this new feature could be perfect for many advertisers to reach a new or specific type of audience if the tests go well.

Back in May, Facebook announced that it would start testing advertisements in virtual reality. Those tests are now about to go live. The advertisements, deemed "in-headset ads" by Facebook, are part of the company's exploration of ways for developers to generate revenue. Facebook, which develops the Oculus VR headsets, plans to monitor user interaction with the VR ads but did say that all Oculus ads will still have to follow Facebook's advertising rules. As such, users will still be able to use "controls to hide specific ads or hide ads from an advertiser completely." Facebook's announcement outlined the privacy policies for Oculus ads:

We do not use information processed and stored locally on your headset to target ads. Processing and storing information on the device means it doesn't leave your headset or reach Facebook servers, so it can't be used for advertising.

We take extra precautions around the use of movement data like minimizing what we need to deliver a safe and immersive VR experience, and we have no plans to use movement data to target ads.

We do not use the content of your conversations with people on apps like Messenger, Parties, and chats or your voice interactions to target ads.
Privacy is a big issue for all users right now, and advertisements in virtual reality might be a step too far for many. Facebook has been caught in the middle of the broader privacy debate, especially as iOS 14 has cracked down on app tracking. However, this new opportunity could be the perfect way for many advertisers to reach a new or specific type of audience if the tests go well.
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