Twitter is Looking to Improve its Recommendation Systems by Asking Users to Up and Downvote Replies

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that some Twitter users got very excited recently when an example was posted of up and downvotes on tweets, which appeared to suggest that Twitter is considering the Reddit-style option for ranking tweets and replies - but in the end, the change what people initially thought it was.

So, if that's not what was happening - what is? Social Media Today asked Twitter what was going on, and whether this development was legit, and the platform explained that events are actually part of a new, small-scale research experiment to learn which replies people find most relevant during conversations in the app:

"We're hoping to better understand what people believe are relevant replies, and how that matches up to what Twitter suggests as most the relevant replies under a Tweet."
Twitter later went into a little more detail about the experiment:

So, up and downvotes won't be public. In fact, they actually won't impact the ranking of individual replies at all. Twitter is using the responses from this test to get more of an idea of what people like and dislike seeing in replies.
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    Nice work done by Twitter. Now, it's easy to find, that posts are in favor or against.
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