Does Facebook allow fan pages for celebrities?

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I created a fan page back in 2011 for John Cena. It had over 5000 likes. I posted news and updates about the WWE star. I would link to news articles from websites like Bleacher Report, etc

My fan page recently got taken down for "copyright violation." I'm not sure how that happened. I never posted stolen images. They were news articles.

I recently wanted to start a fan page for Will Smith. He's a famous Hollywood actor. Facebook wouldn't even allow me to create the page title "Will Smith Fan Page." His name has been removed from Facebook's database.

When I created a fan page for Adele, Facebook wouldn't allow me to advertise it. My ad said "Click Like if you think Adele rocks!" Facebook disabled my ad account after I submitted the ad for approval.

I've never promoted anything scammy on my pages. No email submit offers, no **** rebill offer, etc. I would sometimes post an Amazon affiliate link but that's it.

Does Facebook even like fan pages about celebrities, video games, tv shows anymore?
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    Those 'news articles' are copyrighted. Images on those article sites are also copyrighted. If the site has been live for a while, FB may have tightened it's standards. You may have been using 'curation' and gone too far with that. I have noticed 'fan pages' that at least claim they are 'approved' or 'official'...they may be lying for all I know.

    Beyond that, many celebrities have trademarked their own names. They do that so that people can't USE their name to get attention....and to protect their rights to charge licensing fees for use of their famous name.

    Will Smith is a famous person - and he makes money on licensing fees when and IF he ALLOWS his name to be used to promote something.

    "Click Like if you think Adele rocks!"
    Not surprising the acct was disabled. You are using a famous name to ask for LIKES for YOUR page. What would be the point of an ad like that?

    Does Facebook even like fan pages about celebrities, video games, tv shows anymore?
    My guess is they require you have the RIGHT to use the celeb name...i.e., a paid licensing agreement.
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      Thanks Kay King for your reply.

      With regards to the "Click like if you think Adele rocks!" like ad, I based it off an example ad that PPC Coach showed me in one of his case study.

      In his case study, his ad copy was the following: "Click like if you think Nascar rocks!" PPC Coach recommended creating fan pages around celebrities, football teams, basketball teams, etc. What might work better is a general "news" fan page around a sport. eg soccer news

      But he taught this method to his students back in 2010-2011. I think Facebook has changed their rules since then. I also read that you're not allowed to use the word "You' in your ad anymore.

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    Facebook does allow fan groups though
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    Allowed as I know
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