Are you seeing the new Facebook feed format?

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Meta has rolled out a new Facebook feed format, making it more inline with TikTok's format. In theory, this could make it easier to find content from friends and family, as well as enabling Meta to show you more recommended content while focusing on video posts.

Facebook's main UI will now be split into the regular 'Home' feed tab which we've all been familiar with since Facebook rolled out that new newsfeed algorithm some years ago, and a new 'Feeds' tab where you can view latest posts in different categories (Favorites, Friends, Groups, etc.)

The move shifts the Facebook experience more into line with TikTok, which calls itself an 'entertainment app', not a social network.

TikTok's main 'For You' feed sucks in the best, most engaging content from across the app, aligned to your interests, which makes it a much more compelling stream, as it's not restricted by your connections or your own social graph. Meta's now trying to latch onto the same - but do Facebook users really want a TikTok-esque experience with Facebook content?

That essentially gives Facebook license to show you whatever it thinks you'll like in your main feed, as you can find your friends and Pages you follow in the other tabs.

Chime in.
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