A c-store chain gained 2.6M social media followers

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Wawa has increased its social media presence in recent years, gaining 2.6 million followers and 2.5 million monthly engagements across all platforms.

The firm got there by providing a variety of amusing content on its many channels, which include TikTok and Instagram. To advertise its annual HoagieFest, it ran a video series portraying two beefcakes handing out $100 gift cards, as well as films promising drink specials based on buyers' astrological aspects.

One post that commiserated with folks who had relocated to a location without a Wawa shop received almost 4,000 likes.

Wawa is seeking to boost exposure and loyalty by engaging young technologically savvy buyers on their terms and leveraging their passion for the brand, according to Ariel Norwood, senior director of marketing engagement at Bounteous, the marketing company that administers Wawa's social media strategy.

Wawa's social media team strives to generate material that is personable, instructive, and offers incentives and promos. One popular contest post invited shoppers to register for a chance to win a summer road trip holiday, complete with Wawa groceries. Meanwhile, the three-part video matching beverages to individuals's astrological signs drove them to repeat those identical orders in shops, according to Norwood.

The social media team frequently creates scrappy, on-the-fly content using local talent, such as a Bounteous social media manager who participated in a recent hit video.

They also make an effort to plan ahead of time and incorporate metadata into each post so that they can measure the popularity of various themes and types of postings over time.

A few initiatives have had a big impact on Wawa's social following. Wawa signed up for a test version of TikTok advertisements for companies, pushed some of its most popular social material into the platform, and watched its followers climb by more than 1,800% over a year. The chain presently has more than 500,000 followers on the popular network.
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