LinkedIn rolling out 'Document Ads' and other new ad tools

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LinkedIn has introduced new ad capabilities to help you enhance your LinkedIn campaigns, such as Document Ads, offline conversion data integration, and a new Media Library for storing and sourcing ad material.

To begin, LinkedIn will now allow marketers to push long-form papers directly in user feeds, which may also be made available through sign-up to maximize response data.

The example above shows Document Ads providing a preview in the feed (three pages in this instance), in order to entice users to download the full research piece.

Users have been making their own document carousels for some time, by uploading a PDF as a post attachment, which effectively supports the same functionality, before LinkedIn made Carousel posts accessible as an official option in July.

And the format has proven to be successful. According to SocialInsider, native papers and carousels attract three times as many hits as any other sort of content in the app (even video posts).

LinkedIn has now made it possible to integrate Offline Conversion statistics in your ad process in the app:

"Offline Conversions enables you to connect the offline conversions you track via other tools directly to LinkedIn. You can manually upload CSV files directly to Campaign Manager or leverage a LinkedIn Marketing Partner. Supported partners include Adverity, HubSpot, LeadsBridge, LiveRamp, and Make."
The approach allows you to include extra performance data from your CRM, such as in-person transactions, phone calls, or sales, into your LinkedIn campaign measurement and improvement process. Based on data matching, this might be an excellent strategy to increase responsiveness, helping to better focus LinkedIn's targeting on the relevant parts.

Finally, LinkedIn is introducing a new Media Library feature, which will allow you to keep all of the media assets that you utilize in your LinkedIn campaigns.

"The media library is a single location for uploading, managing, and selecting media for ad creation, which helps you save time, drive better performance, and improve collaboration."
Advertisers will be able to use the Media Library during the campaign design process for single image advertisements and video ads, but not outside of this.

These are some notable features that may help you improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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