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Pinterest shared its most recent performance update, which shows growth in both users and income, neither of which is a significant swing in larger terms, but both, most significantly, moving higher once more.

To begin with, Pinterest added 12 million new users in the third quarter, bringing it back up to 445 million monthly actives, precisely where it was at this time last year.

As can be seen, Pinterest experienced the largest growth in the 'Rest of World' category, however it also attracted 3 million users in the US and Europe. This is still less than the 98 million North American users it had last year, but any growth is welcome after three years of loss in its most profitable region.

This is the most important area in which Pinterest needs to improve, because while it is expanding in other places, indicating future possibilities, you can see how enormous the gap between the value of US and other users is.

Pinterest attributes its growing popularity to higher video interaction, with video content supply in the app increasing threefold year on year. Pinterest's Stories-like alternative, Idea Pins, has been a big winner in this regard, and the company is also aiming to capitalize on the live-stream commerce trend, which has yet to take hold in Western markets but could become a crucial possibility for the commerce-focused app.

This would also offer up new revenue streams, and Pinterest earned $685 million in Q3, up 8% year on year.

If Pinterest can increase its appeal to younger users, it may become a more valuable tool for the latest trends, which could be a big plus.
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    Pinterest revs are driven by google search. Does not mean any public interest grow in pinterest per se. Therefore, sudden "peaks" may mean "dying."
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    • Profile picture of the author Troy Arrandale
      I love their new video pin feature!

      Have made a few myself.

      According to a course I took this year,
      there are two "types"
      or styles of pins that have been shown
      by stats not JUST to attract more
      attention when first put up
      they also tend to last longer.

      My teacher has had a few of his in these
      2 styles of Pins last 10 years and thus still make some sales periodically for that long on his websites for him.
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        Hello, is this Pinterest course also good for affiliate marketing? I've found a few trainings that have helped a little.

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    Yes Pinterest is a great way to brand new websites and gain referral traffic. But it all depends on your niche. Not all niches work on Pinterest
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      Yes, that's why the first thing you should do is performing a thorough KWR. This opens up all the heavens.
      Stay Healthy all your Life, and Avoid Lifesty Diseases Later in Life. Enjoy life to the fullest.
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    As far as I use pinterest. Monthly views on my account are 5K. Good enough for free platfrom and free spent badjet to drive traffic.
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